Monday, December 2, 2013

The Guulwadayal So Called Ministers Of Siilanyo And Gabiley

The Guulwadayal So Called Ministers Of Siilanyo And Gabiley

Bad leader is unwilling to listen to feedbacks from the conscionable and the moral people because he considers it as a demeaning to his ego or it isn't what he wants to hear. Once his chunk team realizes that the Leadership is unwilling to receive the truth on the ground, they stop giving him feedback; instead they start "Guulwadeen" telling the leader what ever pleases him and pleases his wife, an uncharacteristic act to the teachings of Islam as well as our culture. Once chunk team stops giving feedback, the Leader finds himself disconnected even when he argues otherwise.

What Siilanyo's empty headed flock said in Gabiley at Timacade University graduation ceremony doesn't warrant a response, however we have to say one or two points in this regard?
What they have said is a testimonial to the meaninglessness and carelessness of Siilanyo's administration. They praised a women to demean another and they pashed the Godly Consultation called by the Opposition! They did not talk about education as the gathering was educational. What has happened there is reminiscent to Siyad Barre in his last years. It thought we were better then this!

Somaliland never had the luck to have a real leader or leaders in her political live! Somaliland never had an honest, God fearing leader in her existence as far as her political life is concerned, however some were/ are worst than others!

This oligarchy entity of no conscience and no moral fabric headed by Siilanyo and flock are the worst thus far! This Siilanyo enterprise killed Somaliland hopes and aspirations and recognition with or with out intent to kill! All the others who killed or hurt or harmed Somaliland did so either by ignorance coupled with arrogance and illusion!

I was listening with sadness what the shameless so called Ministers talking in graduation Ceremony of Timacade University were saying with out checking themselves!
As the occasion was educational no one of them did talk education for they know nothing about education.
They praised the Presidents wife repetitively while her husband was there knowing that she was not elected for any office. That act was out side the bounds of decency, of Islam and our culture but it is with in their (Siilanyo'sgovernment) Guulwadeen culture.

They demeaned and attacked the National dialogue or Consultation, the Opposition parties and the Centre for Consultation and Correction called for all to participle.
This call is Godly. It is the right thing to do. It is what Allah and His Prophet advised Muslim community to advance with their affairs and resolve their conflicts with consultation. This is what made Somaliland stable and peaceful.

This Godly call burned the Munkar mongers like those attended Gabiley University graduation ceremony, like it did to Siyad Barre when he visited there in his last days with out knowing it was his last days!

Gabiley is the Mother of AFRAAD which was the Mother of SNM. Gabiley knows when some thing is not right and they know that pashing the call for National Consultation and corrections is not right. They know it is evilly.
Gabiley respects all ladies. We respect Amina wares. We also respect Amina Saed but we do not respect the ignorant and the Gullwade with no national instinct and gravitas

Peace and prayers
Ibrahim Mead