Saturday, September 26, 2009

To Save Somaliland We Have A Duty To Start The Change Process Immediately

Many of us, who are praying for change to happen in our motherland, are advised to start the change process wherever they are. Let's change for good. I will agree with early Cabdulahi Suldan timo Cade, when he poet in one of his advice (tribilesm is destruction ) that if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change. In the same way, Somalilands should first take a look at themselves and start the change. We have role models to copy or follow their ideas. If a small percentage of us start this change process wherever they are and be consistent, then there could be hope to revive Somaliland . We have to remember that we have a choice to either save Somaliland or sink Somaliland . To save Somaliland we have a duty to start the change process immediately. Every little positive effort will matter a lot. Failure to save Somaliland disastrous.

But I must caution people that, there will be no quick fix to Somaliland as problem. Changing the entire Somaliland system will be a difficult project; therefore we should be prepared for a tough project. Many of us will resist changes. Change itself is difficult. Many of Somalilands who are below 30 years have known no other system except the present day Somaliland system. Therefore changing more than half of the population will be tough and challenging. This is the more reason why any person that desires change should start changing his/her environment in any small way that is possible.

The grassroots will be a good starting point for changes. Change comes not from the top down but from the ground up. Management of people at the grassroots is very essential for any successful change. Revolutionaries all over the world have high sense of patriotism and have introduced positive changes to the lives of their people. Same should apply to Somalilands seeking to start quiet revolution or change. Henceforth it will be ideal for Somalilands to be thinking of individual/private sector led change of the Somaliland system. There are a lot of changes that the civil society can spearhead. Also changing Somaliland is burden for all of us, therefore the earlier we start changing our nation the better for all of us. May God bless Somaliland
 Democracy is not compatible with police or military dictatorship. In a democracy, the desire of the people is supreme, there is complete freedom of expression and there is no barrier of cast, creed, community, minority, majority, religion and language in a true democracy. Democracy is not possible without the full participation of every section of the people of the country where a village will be the basic unit. Hence a democratic person should work only for the reservation of the democracy instead of for the interest of his political party.
I don't think this crisis has created by one person or two but more than that. Yes,Riyaala, leadership and Udub is on top to take the responsibility of some of the problems but Electrol Commission have their share of creating this mess.
Amiin Dahir

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