Monday, June 28, 2010

Riyaale’s government ended in disarray!

Like Orwell's animal farm government, Riyaale's government ended in disarray!

Riyaale's government of Remnants exceeded George Orwell's animal farm government in cowardice and indecency in their dying days! Many of Riyaale's people jump ship!

The animal farm government did not fight, did not spit on each others face in desperation and frustration in there last days! They just died away!

Riyaale's ministers and cabals started fighting, spit on each others faces and at times engaged each other physically! Vest fighting was reported in their last days! Some people were crying in the back-ground as reported! It is said that it was female voices! And all these happened in the presidential palace!

It all started when Riyaale asked them what to do? One cabal said, "We have to Raid and Rob and Rig the ballot boxes." "How?" asked Riyaale. "The same way we robbed the nation's funds and minerals" replied the cabal!

How they are true of (their culture) what they are! Follies and a bunch of idiots!!

Gorge Orwell's animal Farm started with a dream. A dream of old Major's which was for the animals of England specifically the Manor Farm to rebel against the humans, take over the farm, and live at peace, thereafter.

The second Republic of Somaliland started with a dream. A dream to stand up and repel against the late dictator, Siyad Bare and the unjust treatment he committed against the communities there. They defeated him. That happened with the grace of Allah.

The Somaliland people revolted against the clanistic dictatorial regime of Siyad Bare. The country was liberated, communities reconciled, and they formed a national inclusive government, thanks to SNM, but that did not live longer. Because of internal differences among the SNM leadership,their government did not last longer, and unexpectedly the Remnants some of them allegedly committed crimes against humanity grabbed power with their ignorance and corruption package with them!

The animal farm's dream soon became a reality for the animals of the Manor Farm as they defeated their master, Mr. Jones, in the Battle of Cowshed with their battle cry "Four legs good, two legs bad", and took over the farm which they renamed Animal Farm.

In Somaliland, Remnants dream became a reality and they took over Somaliland in a corrupted clan mythology and methodology as means to achieve their end!

The next leader Riyaale,who allegedly committed crimes against humanity took advantage with Somaliland communities' reconciliation blanket amnesty. He became president of Somaliland. He brought a whole new type of Remnants of Siyad Bare to his government! He broke every rule of decency and development!

On the animal farm side, the farm which was supposed to be equal and free of class had a distinct governing body or "upper class" with the pigs and a distinct "working class" or majority which was everyone, but the pigs. Eventually, the seven commandments which were set forth at the beginning were changed in to one commandment that read "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others". Indeed, the pigs had become like their worst, most hated enemy, the human, and Major's dream and the hard work of the majority of the animals on the farm had been wiped away. In the end the cheating animal farm government ended and did so in disorder!

On the Remnants side headed by Riyaale, the government which was supposed to be a government which services the people and protects the resources and the bonders of the nation turned to a different direction! They created a distinct governing body consist of Remnants of Siyad Barre's regime! That contradicted the commandments which were set by the preceded government and the hopes, anticipations, and aspirations of the people. Riyaale and Awil became more equal than the other Remnants!

In the animal farm the commandment was "two legs bad, four legs good." In Riyaales government it is "Remnants are good, ex- NSS agents better, all others bad"

The animal farm government cheated, lied, betrayed, committed deceit and deception and eventually ended in disorder and disarray! Like wise the Riyaale government cheated, betrayed the trust entrusted upon them! Their deceit and deception bordered out right treason in the highest order!

Riyaale's government consisted of the Remnants and the NSS of Siyad Bare ENDED and did so IN DISARRAY! By, By……………………

Peace, prayer and unity in purpose after all these

Ibrahim M Mead

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