Thursday, November 18, 2010

Somaliland applauds Ethiopia’s determined efforts to stabilize peace in Horn of Africa

Somaliland applauds Ethiopia's determined efforts to stabilize peace in Horn of Africa

Addis Ababa, November 16 (WIC) – Acting Ambassador of the Somaliland to Ethiopia, Ayanle Salad Deria, has applauded Ethiopia's determined efforts to stabilize peace in the Horn of Africa.

In an exclusive interview he held with WIC today, Ambassador Deria said that Ethiopia has been doing its level best to bring peace in the whole continent in general and the Horn of Africa in particular.

He said Ethiopia is currently exerting tremendous efforts to bring about lasting peace in Darfur and enable Somalia to stand on her own feet.
"Ethiopia is playing a key and constructive role not only in stabilizing peace in Africa but also in climate change affairs in the world and we recognize this and appeal to keep it on," he said.

Asked about Eritrea, the ambassador said that Eritrea is continuing to undermine efforts to restore peace and stability in Somalia by arming insurgents battling the government.

"Eritrea continues to be a peace headache for the region and keeps on destabilizing the region as well as training and financing anti-peace groups (Al-shabab)who are executing innocent civilians and teenagers in Somalia," he said.
He further urged the Security Council to tighten its arms and travel sanctions on Eritrea.

 "The international community knows where the problems of the region lie but hesitates to take corrective measures on Eritrea's government to stop its ugly strategy," he indicated.

According to him, unless series actions are taken, the Al-Qaeda linked groups in Somalia will spread its extremism actions through out the world and its link with the persons in power in Eritrea.
Concerning the bilateral relations between Ethiopia and Somaliland, he said that they have been enjoying a better bilateral cooperation in the areas of security, politics, education, trade, investment and social sectors.

 He said the trade and investment relations are currently promising and both are doing more to further consolidate them in the future.

He further said that Ethiopia is a key neighboring country in capacity building activities in Somaliland and the country offers scholarship opportunities to citizens of the Somaliland.

 "There area private universities in Hargeisa like Admas University College educating Somaliland people and we call on others to continue investing in the education sector", he said.

"We want to maintain our sound relations and call Ethiopia to continue its good deeds to the Horn of Africa in stabilizing peace strategy and hosting neighboring refugees," he added.

As far as the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) of the government is concerned, he said that Ethiopia can achieve this ambitious plan owing to its wise leaderships.

 The Ambassador finally said Somaliland welcomes Ethiopia's interest to utilize its ports as it helps to cement the economic and political ties between Ethiopia and Somaliland.

Since the declaration of independence in 1991, the Somaliland has conducted four national elections and could transferred power peacefully.

With over 3.3 million people, Somaliland is politically stable and calls the international community to recognize its independence.

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