Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hargeysa: Burglars attack an elderly woman

Burglars attack an elderly woman

Hargeisa (somalilandpress)- Yesterday early in the morning at 5:30 a group of thieves attacked and threw Fadumo Mohamed Yusuf a 65 aged mother from Hargeisa's main bridge. The elderly woman told the police that the thieves tried to snatch her small handbag and then after they took it they threw her off the the Hargeisa Bridge.

Fadumo is a mother of seven orphanage children and every morning she goes to work at 5am to Hargeisa market where she works as hawker of small goods. She was taken to Hargeisa City Hospital for treatment to cut on her hands, fractured leg and ribs.

From her hospital bed Faduma was able to speak with the media where she told them how the attack happened"we were almost six women, and we were walking over the Hargeisa Bridge one man with a big knife stood in front of us and immediately he seized to my shoulder and then dropped me down the bridge and I became unconscious. The other women were shouted and run away, the thieves then took my hand bag and disappeared."

One of the Hargeisa hospital Medical staff told to Somalilandpress that the number of burgler victims has increased last few months. Chief of Somaliland police commission Elmi Rooble Furre (Elmi kabaal) told reporters today that more 700 thieves were released from the prisons of Somaliland, the chief of Somaliland Police Commission also insisted that prisons buildings in Somaliland are almost destroyed and couldn't hold numbers of thieves.

This isn't the first time that the thieves are made such horrible cases in Hargeisa, but the last months, injuries and deaths from the burglars at night and early morning times are more increasing then as before.

Hargeisa the capital city of Somaliland is now crowded with multi ethnic and different cultured people. People are consisted those displaced from southern Somali, Ethiopia. Even though; Hargeisa is now crowded by other Somaliland regions inhabitant due to lack of employment and without resources.

Reported by Abdiqani Husein Baynah

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