Monday, April 25, 2011

Somaliland: Former Vice President Ahmed Yasin objects more political parties

Somaliland: Former Vice President Ahmed Yasin objects more political parties

HARGEISA(SomalilandPress)—Former Vice President Ahmed Yusuf Yasin and the current chairman of the opposition United Peoples Democratic Party(UDUB) today objected the formation of more political parties at a convention that the party held today in Hargeisa's Crown Hotel. The former vice president who is popular amongst the top officials in the UDUB opposition party was speaking to party members when he express his objection to formation of more political parties in the country. Vice President Yasin's objection to more parties comes after momentum picked up on the issue of more political parties in the country after President Silaanyo's formation of a committee that is to study the issue has been speaking with the different sectors of the society.

According to Mr. Yasin the purpose of today's convention is for the party to debate about the current issue that the country is under s with the formation of more political parties. Vice president Yasin goes on to say "if we are the former government leaders it is advisable to recommend reforming the current three political parties, we are suggested to the parliament members and the president not to mislead the people with the idea of more parties". The concern that the party has is that with more political parties it will segregate the current cohesiveness that the country is enjoying. The former vice president recommended that all three parties be opened and allowed to have primaries in which anyone can run for the party chairman position. Mr. Yasin also proposed that all current senior members in each party member relinquish their post and campaign for the post similar to any new ambitious young politician.

The discontent that the young generations has with the current three political parties are that the old well connected politicians appoint themselves a life time position and are not ready to reform and it is unfeasible for fresh blood to join the political system. The other two opposition parties have not responded to vice president Yasin's proposal but it appears that his plan will be praised among the young generation who see this as new era in Somaliland's political game.

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