Monday, June 13, 2011

Trenches dug; Tanks ready; Teknicals firing; Men dying

Trenches dug; Tanks ready; Teknicals firing; Men dying

All this without any real attempt at diplomacy between Somaliland and Puntland. It is time the Silanyo government takes tangible steps to try and solve this issue using diplomacy rather than the bullet. So long have we Somalis tried to right our problems and differences with AK47's, rather than using our traditional conflict resolution measures which we have developed throughout our history. Recognition will be a no go unless we are able to secure our borders. By securing our borders one must assume a military presence of our forces alone will not make it secure. In President Bush's words, we need to win hearts and minds on the ground and we also need to reach a tangible agreement with Puntland so that the problem can be truly resolved. This does not mean conceding our land but talking and compromise; after all we will always share a border.

No doubt there will be those of you who read this and stare at your screens in shock and horror but there will also be many who agree with me. Which is better, a Somaliland which is built on peace and justice; or one which is ruled by Hawks in our society, who call for war every chance they get. We the Somali youth are ready to stand up and speak out when our elders blindly and short-sightedly take part in skirmishes which do not help our country in any way. We will speak out when innocent people are killed and when children are put in harm's way. We will speak out and be heard if all fails not through the bullet but through the ballot.

You may call me an idealist but I assure you this idealist understands that on some occasion's conflict and even war is necessary. I fully support our armed forces in defending our borders and InshAllah they will continue to do so with such courage. But what I am arguing is that more often than not diplomacy is better. The talks in Ethiopia are a step in the right direction; however disappointing it is that we could not facilitate the talks our selves. War should always be only a last option. If we do manage to solve this issue through diplomacy it will also enhance our case for recognition.

In our history have we not had enough children orphaned, have we not had enough families displaced and have we not had enough of our land destroyed?

Sharmake Abyan
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