Monday, September 26, 2011

Why is integrity inportant in Somaliland I will say this

Why is integrity inportant in Somaliland I will say this- A.D.Musse

It should be a crime to steal millions of dollers from ordinary somalilanders, thereby causing death to millions of innocent people

throught sustained hunger and malnutrition,luck of adequate health care andinflationary prices,which make it impossible for millions of somalilanders or main land somalia to provide their families with basic needs.
The above quote tells us why corruption must be fought with all means.
If any country to get rid of corruption and poverty we have to start with the politicians,who are the ones who put the rules in place and ones who are supposed to enforce them.
Take the example of Norway,where i am living,Norway has 8.8 points onscale where 10 is the best and 0 is the worst.The best African country,Botswana has 5.6 pionts, which is the only country Africa above 5 points.
Let us start with their salaries and fortunes on the 15.10.2005 Norway chanched their govermment.The following day all the new ministers assets and salaries were disclowsed in one of the newspapers.Only one of them any assets worth mentioning and the rest did not make more mony then approximatly 20-30%above any average working person in the country.
Any country that has ever devoloped at any significant pace,has managed to control corruption and dishonest in gavermment and in business in general,as well as managing the development of a democratic society,which is the base for conquering corruption.When i use the word "control`"i dont mean that there is no corruption at all,only that corruption is rarely practised.There is no country in the world without corruption.
Wherever there are human beings there will be corruption,because you will always find people who want "get rich quick"or could us some extra mony without working for it.Somaliland or all africa is therefore is not alone in this terrible diseas, which is for a country what cancer is to a human being.

However,as Africa or Somaliland is the last developed continent in the world today and therefore has the most to gain,its more important to do something here than any other place in the world.
Africa is also the continent,which gets the most mony in aid from other country and therefore must develop in to a transparent society where accounttability should be pratised at any time.

Where to start
We must start with the people who have not yet been corrupted in their thinking.But who are they?They are the children and the students.
Somaliland needs people with integrity who are prepared to work for their country,not their own pockets,these are also the people who will make history in their country and they will be remembered for there Integrity,not how much mony they have accumulated.I strongly believe in this(Poor people are the solution,not the prolem)
It must however be clear to the people in general, that everyone must do their contribution,if the country they live in is to prosper,and this is the only way that all the people in the end will benefit.
It must be collective lift from every body,no govermment or politicion can do anything without the support from the people.

((Ask not what your country can do for you,but what you can do for your country)).
When people in Somaliland start feeling responsibility for their country and want to contribute to the building of it, things will start to change for the better…

thank you

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