Friday, November 18, 2011

Britain likely to follow providing African nations take the lead on Recognition

Britain likely to follow providing African nations take the lead on Recognition

London (Somalilandpress)- Somaliland President Mr. Ahmed Mohamoud Siilaanyo who is special visit to Britain held high level meeting with Minister- in-charge of African Affairs to the British Government Mr. Henry Bellingham. Sources report that both men met in London and had lengthy discussions concerning a number of regional issues as well as further co-operation.

Speaking to certain representatives of the media President Siilaanyo said that while he was on an informal visit to Britain and that he had initiated the meeting as he feels it is essential to develop bilateral relations between Somaliland and Britain. Mr Bellingham also spoke to the media about the discussion that the two sides had and that primarily their discussion focused on the region of the horn of Africa, security and the aid that the British Government provides to Somaliland.

Whilst the talks were believed to have been cordial, in private the British Government has made its position concerning the issue of recognition, whilst in principal it supports the aspiration, it would prefer one or more African nations to recognise Somaliland first, then it would use its influence in the European Union and elsewhere to affect a positive response. It is believed that some officials in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London are all for maintaining the status quo for fear of irritating the African Union and there has even been some talk of some Foreign Office Officials thwarting any moves towards a more enlightened and pragmatic approach to the whole recognition issue.

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