Sunday, November 20, 2011

Press Release: Somaliland children join the rest of the world to commemorate the Universal Children’s Day.

Press Release: Somaliland children join the rest of the world to commemorate the Universal Children's Day.


Today is 20th November 2011. It is Universal children's day. Children in Somaliland are celebrating the Universal children's day like many other children around the globe are doing.

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MOLSA) on behalf of Somaliland government in cooperation with other governmental institutions, local and international organizations would like to join the rest of the globe to commemorate this important event.  

As we commemorate this important occasion of the adoption of the UNCRC by the UN General Assembly, we should be cognizant of the fact that as an un recognized state internationally, Somaliland children are still in a situation of rights "limbo" as they lack access to an international system that can promote and protect their rights and hold their nation states to account; to a system that will support their rights.

Because of this existence without international recognition from rest of the world for over 20 years, the Somaliland central government suffers from disintegration, denial of international donors and marginalized economic transactions, having a negative toll on the local tax payer.

Children have had their share of this disadvantaged position as they are the most vulnerable categories who have been adversely affected by the impact of lack of international recognition with regard to the promotion, protection and fulfillment of their rights.  

Despite this lack of international recognition, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MOLSA) and the Government of Somaliland generally is committed to establish and strengthen national and community based Child protection systems and structures including but not limited to developing policies and legislations in line with the UNCRC and to prevent, respond and protect children from all sorts of abuse, neglect and violence.

As we commemorate this day, it is important to note that although many children in Somaliland experience adverse circumstances, many do defer in vulnerability.  The most disadvantage groups are including those children from lower social- economic status, and those children with special needs including orphans and other vulnerable children, stateless children, children living on the streets, children conflict with the law, children from Ethnic minority groups, children without care givers, abused children, trafficked children, , Children affected and infected with HIV/AIDs among  others.  

As Government is cognizant of the fact that the rights of the children as stipulated in the UNCRC need to be fulfilled, it is also equally important to note that they cannot be realized all at once. The Republic of Somaliland is committed to ensure the progressive realization of the children's rights.

 We are further committed to ensuring that there is Compatibility of existing legislations with the UNCRC by harmonization of domestic laws with the UNCRC and removing all misinterpretations, inconsistencies and confusions emanating from having three different sets of laws through legal review and reform.


To achieve the above, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs would like to call upon the international community to support the cause of children in Somaliland to benefit from an international system that  will support their rights, promote
and protect their rights and hold their nation states to account.


Yours sincerely,


Abdi Abdillahi Hassan( Mataan),

Director of  Department Social Affairs by Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs


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