Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The SL President must Fire the Head of the Audit for Incompetency

The SL President must Fire the Head of the Audit for Incompetency

Recently Somaliland media reported a controversy on how the Minister of Energy, Water and Mining managed the revenue his ministry received for two contracts relating to the work this ministry is responsible for. According to these media reports there were two levels of irregularity on how the Minister handled the funds, which are as follows:

The minister did not follow the established government procedures after he collected the funds but managed the funds outside the government's revenue account

The minister misused the funds by treating the money as his own personal budget

These are serious allegations and the President correctly instructed the Head of the audit to investigate and sort out facts from fiction and accusations. I have listened to the audio press release by the Head of the audit and from that I have concluded the Head of the audit must be fired for INCOMPITENCY for the following reasons:

The Head of the audit confirmed that the funds were deposited in an account that is managed by the ministry outside the established centralized government revenue process. In effect the money did not go to the central government revenue account as required by all types of government revenue. This statement supports one of the accusations against the minister. In spite of this the auditor said in his statement that they funds were properly handled

He did not provide explanation on how $125,000 dollars were spent by the minister in the so called Capacity Building in order to clear the accusation that the minister misused the funds. The auditor simply made a statement saying the money was spent as per agreement. This is not good enough in view of the accusations. This is equally important because the ministry must have some budget in the first place for the so called Capacity Building expenses

From the above one can conclude that the auditor's statement is meaningless in view of these serious accusations and he must be fired for incompetency.

Ahmed Mohamed
Toronto (Brampton), Canada, Dec 28, 2011

As Usual The Contents Of This Article Are the Opinions Of The Author 

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