Thursday, March 15, 2012

Significant Cabinet reshuffle in Somaliland Cabinet

Significant Cabinet reshuffle in Somaliland Cabinet

Hargeisa- The Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud "Siilaanyo" made recently exploited reshuffle of his cabinet. The reshuffle extended beyond wild expectation of commentators and touched portfolios no one forecasted while all ministers lined up by the public for replacement hold their posts. The Foreign Minister, Minister of Presidency, and Minister of Civil Aviation survived despite barage of public criticism and alleged wide spread corruption.   

However, the major change in the reshuffle is the removal of Mohamed Hashi Elmi from his post at Finance to be replaced by former deputy Speaker of the Somaliland House of Representative, Abdilasis Samale. Mohamed Hashi Elmi a former colleague of Dr. Gabose in the short-lived Qaran party which amalgamated with KULMIYE prior to the 2010, has joined Dr. Gabose in private life.

During his almost two year stint at Finance, Mohamed Hashi Elmi has earned reputation of being frank and frugal. Frank in the sense that he never mixed words, and was almost honest to a fault. And frugal in the sense that he had helped increase the government budget without putting the money to good use.

Other changes in the reshuffle included the side way movement of Ahmed Abdi Haabsade from the Information ministry to the Public Works. Haabsade will be replaced by academic Boobe Yusuf Duale formerly of the Somaliland Academy of Peace. Mohamud Ahmed Barre Garad is the new minister of Labour and Social Affairs. Ahmed Hussein Omane has been appointed Somaliland representative in Sudan.

The former head of the Somaliland Labour Office Muhumud Aw-Abdi has been replaced by Nouh Sh MUse Duale. The new minister of Youth and Sports is Ali Saeed Raygal formerly the head of the National Printing Agency.

A plethora of deputy ministers and director-generals have also been re-shuffled. Mowlid Mahamud Ibrahim is the new deputy minister at the Foreign Affairs, Abdillahi Abokor Osman deputy minister for Security. Mohamed Omar Abdillahi is the new deputy at the Somaliland Labour Office.

 President Siilanyo also replaced the fomers Minister of Labour, Ilhan Mohamed Jama, one of two female cabinet ministers. Also losing his job is the former minister of Youth and Sports, Abdi Saeed Fahi'e.  Among those who lost their position include the former minister Public Works, Ismail Mumin Are, the former minister of Posts and Communications Ahmed Hashi Oday, the former deputy Foreign Affairs minister, Mohamed Yonis Awale and former deputy of the Somaliland Labour Office, Sulub. The Post and Telecommunications portfolio remains vacant for the time being.

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