Friday, April 20, 2012

Siilaanyo and his puppets committed crimes against humanity.

Siilaanyo and his puppets committed crimes against humanity.
Written by Yusuf Abdillahi Janaale   

A....Siilaanyo is a brutal dictator,a ruthless traitor,a man butchers his own citizens,usually he use force of fraud to gain power he then keep it through

intimidation terror,suppression of civil liberty,crimes against humanity.

He spelled the end of individual rights,people were put into prison,beating, 
torture,and shot when they voiced against his dictatorship rule.

An apalling or antrocious act and illegal cruelty inflicted by Siilaanyo and
his forces on( Abdiraxman Abdulqadir)the vice chairman of Kulmiye party
is a crime against humanty, it was a delibrate and intentional antrocity for
political and other purposes.Siilaanyo and his regime is guilty treachery
in betraying the country and the brutal barbarious savage attack by siilaanyo
on Abdiraxman Abdilqadir is unacceptable.
People of Somaliland must gather on the streets of cities to begin the
push for regime change to prevent much greater evil from occuring so that
democracy can be achieved.

B.Few lines( briefing efficiency and biography of Abdiraxman Abdulqadir):-

Abdiraxman is a hero of somaliland nationalism and pariotism he spent most 
of his lives in the noble duty of defending the independence of his country and
freedom of his people,he loves his country and owes allegiance of his nation,
devotes of nobility,peace loving man,he shows a true love and patriotism for
the people of somaliland,he has vicarious feelings in pride his country merits and
achievements,special affection,willingness to sacrifice and promote his nation.

( Long live and health to our hero Mudane Abdiraxmaan

Thank you
Yusuf Abdilahi Janaale. oslo.Norway.

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