Friday, April 27, 2012

Siilaanyo is the champion of Nepotism and Corruption,and the opponent of law.

Siilaanyo is the champion of Nepotism and Corruption,and the opponent of law.
Before two years when the power fall into the hands of Siilaanyo

Corruption,nepotism,favourtism,lawlessness,human exploitations
and abuses become the daily occurrences of the people,fear and 
terror have been the regimes typical tools to seize and retain power 
over the political social and economic livelihoods of the people and the
systematizing the violation of human rights,dignity,liberty,by employing 
arbitrary detention against those it deemed or considered enemies of 
Siilaanyo's regime,Silaanyo's administration destroyed all 
institutions for fear public solidarity.

Somaliland is the home of one of the worst dictators east africa 
has ever produced,a regime led not by constitution but one man
rule and a group of very small percentage of the total population
who benefit from promoting protecting and maintaining the status-quo.

Siilaanyo have allways use nepotism and corruption to protect his 
secrets and maintain control,he placed of relative members and his
family friends in key positions of his Government by the reason of
he realized they can be trusted with the secrets that keep him in

The strange thing is that while entire nation is aware of this glaring 
injustice and abuse of power,siilaanyo's owned media( the radio 
hargeisa and sltv) and pro websites are trying to avoid acknowledging 
and discussing this troublesome embarrassing.

This is a living proof for any one who wants to see and feel the pain and 
suffering of the Somaliland citizens under a tyrannical regime of Siilaanyo.

with liberty and dignity
Yusuf Abdilahi Janale.

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