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Siilanyo’s Debacle in his “Quusta call” and the Hargeisa killings

Siilanyo’s Debacle in his “Quusta call” and the Hargeisa killings 

Written by Ibrahim Mead 

The president failed in both accounts in his May 18 speech: the crises they created in east Hargeisa as well the denial of the rights of the targeted political parties

“ Quusta, Siilanyo said! “No, no way sir,” the targeted political parties responded swiftly firmly! 
Those ex-Mujahedeen told him,” NO” when Mr. Siilanyo told SNM “quusta” in 1988! Mr. Siilanyo (wuu quustay) gave up, abandoned duty and then fled! The Muj stood on their ground, moved on and in the end won and founded this Republic in which ironically Siilanyo happened to become the president who is harming her more than he is helping!!

1- Siilanyo contemptuously, mockingly, with no thought and with no shame said, “Quusta- give up your rights” to the targeted political parties and by extension to the targeted communities in his May18speech! 

2- Allah disagrees with what Siilanyo said in the above occasion. Allah did not say “Quusta” to his servants. Allah said the opposite. Allah said (haquusanina) “don’t you be despaired” (laa taqnaduu min Raxmatillah, waman yaqnud min Raxmatillahi ila dhaaluun) 
“and those who when an oppressive wrong is inflicted on them are not cowed but help and defend them selves and stand up for their rights, anddespairs not; and who despairs (ka quusta) of the mercy of his lord, but such as go astray” [Al xiger, v56]. Siilanyo’s way is not Allah’s way!

3- Mr. Siilanyo was not in Allah’s line in this as he was not with the moral lie in his May 18 speech! Probably he did not know much of the book of Allah! Probably he did not consider the resilience of the people he was mocking them. For sure he does not know how to confess his mistakes and how to move on!
“Quusta” was a word out side the bounds of decency and out side of our history in which no self respect person could utter, let alone a leader! It is un-Islamic in its totality, as it is morally offensive. Therefore it is not acceptable to the targeted parties and communities and to the conscience of the nation at large

4- In Mr. siilanyo’s “quusta” utterance, people were wondering whether he was really aware that he was like saying, ‘accept fraud, accept injustice and accept the joke of ‘madaxtaabasho’!?

5- Was Mr. Siilanyo aware that he was saying ‘some parties won and others failed with out the verdict of the people, with out a vote!?’ 
The answer to this ridicules entertainment is we don’t know but we shall not accept fraud, we shall not accept injustice and shall not accept arrogance and indifference to the well being of the people as well as the dismantling of democracy and the democratic process from Siilanyo’s side

6- If SNM gave up (haday quusanlahaaleen sada siilanyo u quustay) in 1988 after Siyad Barre and Hailo Maryan reached an agreement of disengagement this Somaliland would not have been founded and we would not have been here to day. Mr. Siilanyo despaired and gave up and took flight to London! We stayed put and fought. Mr. Siilanyo the chairman then escaped and abandoned his army. As shameful as it is, this is history!

Hargeisa killings

7- It seems that the concept of responsibility is unknown to him and to his operatives, except as a burden others seem to accept without question when you see the sequential incidents from“kalshaale to Bahoodle to Taleex to seemale to the heart of the nation-Hargeisa” and to who- knows- what- is- in- store for Somaliland!

He did not confessingly elaborate the ‘burning Hargeisa confrontation crisis’ he created or his operatives did in which innocent lives were lost. That was (among many other problems) what the people were expecting him to address in 18 May! 
As usual the man did not show any feelings in all these serious issues. He did not realize that this incident became an international issue already where by Mr. Mahiga, the UN Representative for Somalia as well as the Somaliland Watch Group 
spoke about the crises in no ambiguous terms!

“Mahiga expresses concern how the trial of these civilians was conducted by a military in contradiction of both applicable local statutes and customary norms of standards of international law,” the UN Political Office for Somalia (UNPOS) said in a statement issued on Saturday.”

8-“Somaliland Watch Group is warning against the prosecution of civilians by the so-called military court, for Somaliland’s Constitution unequivocally stipulates that only the Nation’s civilian courts have the constitutional rights to charge civilians and put them on trial.
The swiftness of the case and the manner in which people were demonized indicate the government’s willingness to increasingly resort to extra-judicial measures.
SWG is strongly advising the government to use civilian courts and traditional institutions to deal with land disputes in general and in this case in particular.
Finally, SWG firmly believes President Silanyo cannot continue to brush off the mounting criticism facing his government over its ineptitude, institutional decay and nepotism. Somalilanders blame President Silanyo for heavily relying on incompetent ministers, and powerful business partners to manage the affairs of the nation. This ought to be stopped” (Somaliland Watch Group)

In the Hargeisa incident there are serious questions people are asking. According to the information we are getting from there people are wondering
why the solders that were sent to the place of the incident were selectively from a particular clan to face a particular clan? Many people in Hargeisa believe that it was deliberately planed as such to create a wedge between the said brotherly communities so that Siilanyo could fish in the newly created mistrust and implanted hate between these brotherly communities as a benefactor of these evil activities!Divide and rule Siilanyo owns such record
Cabals were hired already to do the wedge job! What a heinous attempt and a small mind that is!

Now add to these failures upon failures the ability to conceal from the people that Sillanyo’s government psychological makeup is fundamentally different from the rest of the people of Somaliland, since everyone simply assumes that conscience is universal among human beings, hiding the fact that they are conscience-free
In other words, they are completely free of internal restraints, and their unimpeded liberty to do just as they please, with no pangs of conscience, is expediently invisible to the world around them.
And don’t forget, “Allah is not shy to tell (you) the truth.” And that is God’s way
Peace and prayers to Somaliland

N/B while closing this letter I saw what was called a press conference from some Gabiley elders. They said they were called to collect the bodies of their military men! The question is who they died for, for a merchant or for the nation!?
it is nauseating in my part that it seems some took the bait of betting one community against the other as Siilanyo’s operatives use when ever crises come to their plate but, rest assured any employee for this evil enterprise do not represent the conscience of the Region and the people of Gabiley.

Ibrahim Mead
Ottawa, Canada
political analyst
Ottawa, Canada



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