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Somaliland cause on clash with the ruler’s bottom line

Somaliland cause on clash with the ruler’s bottom line 

 Ibrahim Mead 


Is the government seditious it self? I am not saying they are, however their actions, inactions and reactions regarding the sovereignty and independence of our home land are worrisome indeed! In the end history will answer that question unambiguously, unkindly, clearly. Is the government corrupt? With out question they are, and they know they are!
We elect People rationally or irrationally and they take oath to serve, protect, safeguard, and promote the cause of Somaliland, and develop the people and the country. No one elects them for their own profit making venture out of the meager revenue collected from the poor men and women selling small quantities of produce in the streets! When these two diametrically different agendas collide like they did in Somaliland it turns out that the nation’s agenda suffers despondently despite hiding it by way of lying about it!
Siilanyo never had a governing strategy in the first place, however he had a political strategy by which he threw the kulmiye party manifesto in which we put much effort in to the dust pin and pulled a hidden political agenda from the back pocket of his pants upon announcement of his win! That was why he avoided the party veterans and collected inexperienced; unconcerned and emotionally unconnected crowd as far as the national conscience is concerned! That is also called betrayal.
There is no vision, no clear picture in where Somaliland is going as far as we can see! There is no conviction, confidence and clarity regarding the cause of Somaliland!
There is a vision disability which reduces one’s ability to see things clearly, but there is an area where the Siilanyo administration sees things not only clearly but sees it in super focus and that is their bottom line, their personal enrichment and political entrenchment!
They changed the definition of what governance means. They changed the concept of governance. They changed who’s the government was supposed to serve. They changed it in to a family and friends enterprise!
Governance is defined as: “the conscious management of regime structure with the intent to enhance the public realm” not to enhance the realm of family and friends.
A systematic fraud and outright theft of public funds and assets have become part of the culture of governance in Siilanyo’s administration
corruption and inexperience is the most serious stumbling block to govern justly and it is there in Mr. Siilanyo’s administration
Mr. Siilanyo is the honey bee and being that bee a lot of bees are around him. The question is what is that honey? That honey is ‘Money, people’s money and the bees around that honey are his Ministers and those who are connected with them!’
The administration which is chasing money was supposed to go all-out for the recognition and the independence of Somaliland and above all uphold its dignity and integrity, but the two differing agendas are parallel and can not be compatible and can not meet!
A serious agenda from a serious leadership sets its narrative before others set that for them. Somaliland leadership failed to set its agenda according to their constitutions and according to the wishes and aspiration of their people! An unelected, Djibouti made ‘Awo’shreif who does not represent any community except his government which does not represent any one set the narrative for Somaliland! He likened the people of Somaliland like a women who left her husband in anger. He addressed Somaliland as “our Northern brothers whom their concern will be addressed” He was like- he was saying, “come back to your husband he will give you ‘Xaal’ “no one told Mr. Shareef, shut up!
The basic bargain and the bedrock of this country-Somaliland were and should be to realize the bargain it self and that is striving and winning the independence and sovereignty of Somaliland. That seemed compromised by way of corruption, and incompetence and probably deception on the part of Siilanyo’s administration!
The people are in one direction and that is towards its bedrock which is its rightful and legal independence. Siilanyo and his functionaries are in an opposite direction!
They are chasing the money. They are minding their interest, so Mr. Siilanyo and the people are travelling in parallel paths. These two parallel paths are irreconcilable.

Mr. Siilanyo must come back to the right path, the people’s path, the path of serving the people of Somaliland. He either must lead honestly, or get out of the way. Two choices he is not ready to abide! The end result of his insistence of what he is doing now is a perfect recipe for conflicts, destabilization and even war
Deception is a tool they perfected in averting the attention of the people but Allah “is not guiding the snares of the false ones” that is why Allah is uncovering what they want to cover and hide from the people

When at any point the government becomes corrupted and is subverting the Somaliland constitution in favor of hidden agendas it pursues and is no longer doing the job they were elected in good faith, then it is right to below the horn as to expose them and that is the least a conscionable people can do. It is also reasonable to wonder whether the government is seditious it self! All signs are pointing in that direction.

Siilanyo’s government is running around arrogantly waving and boasting that they are the winners in London, Istanbul and Dubai gatherings of TFG Somalia and Somaliland. The government of Siilanyo has undertaken deceptive moves in all those gatherings or if that is not the case then they did not know what they were doing!

Facts we know about the British led Somalia and Somaliland conferences in London and else where can be summed up as the following:

a) that the British and the west in general were looking a solution to the Sea piracy and Alshabaab and for that reason to establish yet another government in Somalia was sought the right way to achieve that end. However this time Somaliland was in the mix

b) Somaliland’s president and his government accepted the new chemistry and they defined their acceptance of that mix in oddly different way!
They denied they gave in to the British request / pressurewhen every one knows they did, and with what? With little money which never triggered down!?

c) The unelected foreign made and packaged, Sheik sheriff was the winner with out question. He won more money for his new campaign to become the coming president for Somalia. These conferences also elevated him as a leader of “Somaliween” who called Somaliland not be her name but ‘Northern brothers whom their anger can be managed!’ Mr. Shareef arrogantly boasted that he brought Somaliland to the fold after 20 years Somaliland was separate! That strategy worked for him. The point was that it worked for him and he sold it to the Arabs and others, a win for him. Where did Mr. Siilanyo sign?

d) The President of Somaliland and his government was the losers even when they boast they are the victors. He followed the precooked agenda in one hand and telling his people different things on the other hand!
The national interest of Somaliland which is her sovereignty was not mentioned any where any time in all the different conferences

Alshabaab, the sea piracy, human displacement and wars was Somalia’s problem and not Somaliland’s and that was what the whole conference was all about, besides reconstructing yet another government for Somalia. Where are we in this!?
In this case Siilanyo’s administration willingly joined Somalia’s agenda which indicated that they are part of Somalia despite denying that even when they did!

e) President Siilanyo lost all moral authority to represent the people who through democratic process determined their future and aspiration in a popular referendum after surviving the ethnic cleansing operations of Mogadiho government which they in the end defeated!

f) Somaliland’s cause and case was in the process damaged, demeaned and demagogued!

g) Conflict, instability and probably war will get their way in this stable and peaceful Somaliland if Siilanyo’s ill advised and unwise agenda is not stopped before it gets out of hand.

“I own you,” and a coerced reunification is absolutely out of question whether Mr. Cameron requested it or not. It is a recipe for conflicts, instability and war in the whole horn of Africa so let every body including Siilanyo and Shareif be on notice of that fact!

I am calling the president of Somaliland to correct him self and come back to sanity and to his oath for the people and the country of Somaliland before unwanted consequences of national proportion happens.

Whether or not trust can ever be restored depends on how badly it damaged the nation and how much the damaged nation feels betrayed. If the nation sees their trust was betrayed, then it is understandable how hard it can be to let go. More often than not the betrayed people just want to cut their losses and end the relationship but if they do want to repair the damage, if they want to salvage the relationship and rebuild trust, there are steps they need to follow.

While the Government which damaged the trust has a work to do in earning it back, the people and the country of Somaliland which was hurt also has a job to do. So how can we put things back on track? It’s hard but it can be done and it is up to the Siilanyo to show the peoplethe “Gooder” and swear they will not do what they done again and vow they will correct their wrongs. The problem is that who believes them until they show the people the “Gooder” for real this time? To see the ‘Gooder’ the present pack of this administration must not be around any more!

Peace and prayers
Ibrahim Mead

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