Thursday, August 30, 2012



I' am very certain this is not a new music to your earse, as many Slanders, have already commented privately
and publicly before meinteclltual, andindependent diplomate, from the diaspora community,theyhave expressed their grave concerned, about president Ahmed Siilanyo's adminstration handling of its foreign policy in the wake of the London and Dubia Road map Accord.

Mr Siilanyo agreed to enter talk, with the out going weak, corrupt and unelected former warlords, TFG government based at Mogdishu Airport, against the wishes of the Somaliland electroate this was defintely a very bad move ill, advised misled, and misjudged by president Ahmed Siilanyo a controversial political heavy weight, the fact Mr Siilanyo signed a blank cheque for ex, warlord and current president of Somalia Sheikh Sheriff Ahmed Somaliland's sovereignty ve' been jeopardised.

This iswhy despite the flourishing democracy, that is taking place in Slpeace and stability, many europeandiplomate MEPs, friends of Somalilands including Uk parliamentrian group led by Alun Michael andKerry Mcathy and Mr Tannck whom have been lobbying rigorously and tirelessly, persuading their government to put Sl 's case for international recognition on the forefront of the political agenda,recently theseve' gone cold and silent,as result of president Ahmed Siilanyo's debacle foreign policy.

What is wrong with SNM political leaders as soon as they, become head of state power corrupt them easily in short periode of time, they, do a complete u turn of Sl, constitution, and show their true colours, just like (Abdi Rahman Tuur) it is, ironic that the political wing of SNM, leaders all share the same ideology (greater Somalia) and reunification, but why though? what Hamar,got that Somalilandve, not got in terms of natural, resources, culural deversity education, so on and so forth.

It, seems,quiet obviousthat all western delegationMps. diplomate and business people used topay frequent visit to Hargeisa capital of somaliland have change their travel planned to Bosaaso and Mogdishu,

I, therefore urge president Ahmed Siilanyo to makea turn around foreign policy as swiftly as possible, in order to rectifiedthis issue once and for all,in the mean time Somaliland respresentatives, (wakiilo) in europe and north America should be dismissed they're incomptent inexprienced, and wast of spacethe bottom line is thatSl Ministry of foreign affairs is unfit for purpose.

By: Ali A. Ismail Dheeg
Political Activist

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