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Somaliland: Why Gabiley is kicking the dust against Silaanyo

Somaliland: Why Gabiley is kicking the dust against Silaanyo

The signals of political revenge against anti Kulmiye Somalilanders were manifested in those qualitative chorus
In a fashion of cruel line- up, the complaints against the current Silaanyo led government are preponderant over the media network of all Somaliland, but the irony is, it’s all coming from the die- hard supporters of kulmiye party. The titles of those grief ridden pen- spinners goes on like, Silaanyo’s odium war against targeted communities, Gabiley being first, the deposed minister who refused to re-instate relatives of the president, and the passport shop Somalia opened up in Hargeisa to naturalist Somaliland citizens, the list goes on and on. What no one had ever anticipated is the nose-dive plummeting of all sensibility in terms of political image at Somaliland, when Silaanyo and crew came to power. The sheer network of kulmiye political campaigns gave us the hint of one-coloured, fragmented and lop-sided group with a intent of evil consequences, yet we ignored. 

The signals of political revenge against anti Kulmiye Somalilanders were manifested in those qualitative chorus we faced in the cabinet making days, Silaanyo as we all knew in his forage against Riyale, was in fact a leader who don’t forget those who voted against him, thus a knight of his own votes not for all somalilanders. 

But why Gabiley is kicking the dust today, for almost 80 percent of their votes brought siilanyo from the cold? Or in the line of calculating political gains, did Gabiley emotionally danced to the sectarian tune Silanyo and crew played over the Eel-bardale crises? And later settled for the comedian foreign minister that loiters around where the gangs of the Somalia meet over their hyena massala dishes. Off that entire well celebrated political rainbow, the shattering cracks brought sanity to the deafening march of the deaf. 

Silaanyo is a dividing figure, guided by the knife man of the cult, Somaliland is in tatters and Muse Biihi of skeleton kulmiye manifested the final blow by running loose around campuses threatening business companies for not greasing the palms of the wicked. Muse is in charge of used-bullet, and the probability of him skimming anything from that party is almost none, loose tongue and stained background run in sharp contrast to a leadership bonus. 

A party that comes from Gabilay is not a tasteful ice cream to be consumed by the Akuse cabinet; it just reduces the climax of the show and trashes the yield of the deception. UDHIS and JAMHUURIYA got the hammer of Cain because hostile votes in the past can’t be entertained after all that effort of disdain. 

Somaliland of today shares the hallmarks of all that government supporters who run amok every circles of oversees Somalilanders. Aggression in multitudes, a word against the Caesar invites bloody fist fights from funny-shaped characters of homogeneous design. Two critical articles of my early writings cost me a smashed car windows and a broken head-lamp, the vicinity of my ill-luck is England. The war for Somaliland’s dignity is fought at the periphery of savagery. At least I fought in a decent manner!!! 

By Jama Abdi Askar

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