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Siilanyo’s Flock declared 70% achievement, the people responded-‘Astaqfurulah’

Siilanyo's Flock declared 70% achievement, the people responded-'Astaqfurulah' By Dr. Ibrahim Mead

Siilanyo's Flock declared 70% achievement, the people responded-'Astaqfurulah'

Recently Siilanyo's (Ministers) flock claimed that they have achieved 70% of their target! Well, it depends on what target they were talking about. If they were talking about vision, development, honesty and capability they are on the side of deceit and deception; however if they are talking how much they damaged the hopes, aspirations, dignity and integrity of Somaliland for the time they were running the show, I think the facts are on their side. They have undone what have been done for the last twenty years in two years! They are false! "Allah guides not the snares of the false once"

Animal farm government of George Well was built on arrogance, deceit and lies.
It ended in disorder

Siyad Barre government was also built on arrogance deceit and lies.
It ended in disorder and disgrace

Siilanyo's government is built on deceit and deception. They are heading to words the same fate as the above mentioned two administrations! Like the above two they didn't heed. They did not care. They embraced the politics of the belly!

Allah said in Alcankabuut, "Do men think that they will be left alone on saying 'we believe' and that they will not be tested?  We did test those before them, and Allah will certainly know (know is used here more in testing than of acquiring knowledge) those who are true from those who are false" "Do those who practice evil think that they will out strip us? Evil is their judgment."
"It was not Allah who wronged them. They wronged them selves."

Siilanyo's administration will not be left alone. Those of them who practice evil will not out strip the people of Somaliland, they will not out strip history. And hereafter, how can they out strip Allah!? It is not Somaliland which wronged them, they wronged them selves!

a)   In George Orwell's animal farm government, Pigs who were the ruling body bragged about their achievements in their first years. They showed the animals a mountain of what they called corn as a food security achievement, but that mountain which was perceived as corn turned out a mountain of sand after Mullae-(a horse) breathed out when it wanted to have some from the said mountain of food! She discovered a mountain of sand instead!  Mountain of lies was the end result!

b)   In Siyad Barre's regime the president's confidant led him to believe that nothing was happening in the war zone which was Somaliland. They told him that Hargeisa and Burao were playing foot ball match when Burao was under SNM forces.
90% of the military top brass there were brought to justice at that moment.
The result of that lie was defeat and eventually the end of that regime!

c)  Now in 2012 and in the 2nd Republic of Somaliland, the Siilanyo's administration flock blew their own horn and declared that they have achieved 70% success in their first years. Now remember the two historic declarations made by two devious entities.

a) The animal farm government.
b) and Siyad Barre's regime. Both of them ended in disorder and disgrace.

Those who declared 70% success in Siilanyo's administration must be reminded that the damage they have inflicted on Somaliland is far, far greater than the lies they rounded up in percentage. If Siilanyo believes this lie he is in a state of denial and the guy is out of it then Somaliland is in real trouble.

The informed is tormenting.
The uninformed is just uninformed!
Those who are in between are confused.
The spirits of the martyrs is by all means angry.
Only the Siilanyo's flock was happy with their lie!
"Sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle which fits them all"
(the autocrat of the breakfast table- by O W Holmes)


Somaliland struggled together.
Somaliland survived together.
Somaliland mourned together.

Somaliland triumphed together.
But now Somaliland is not united
there is no harmonious connection between the people and the government

Somaliland is in a free fall
Somaliland needs to be rescued

National Salvation Convention is urgently needed

Somaliland Rag iyo dumarba intii jecel qaranimada,intii soo halgantay iyo siyaasiyiinta damiirkoodu nuulyahay waxaan kula talinayaa in laysaga yimaado talo iyo shir qaran oo dalka lagu badbaadinaayo.
Wa billaahi towfiiq

Peace and prayers

Ibrahim Mead

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