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Somaliland’s Most Meaningless Election Ended In Deaths By Abdirahman Dirye A Veteran Somalilander From Addis Ababa

Somaliland's Most Meaningless Election Ended In Deaths By Abdirahman Dirye A Veteran Somalilander From Addis Ababa

By Abdirahman M. Dirye

I have being reading some writings about Somaliland recent elections by Somaliland authors, some titles were funny "beware the world is watching us" and etc, the title is not just insincere, but tries to fool the world at the large! On the other hand, the title is sending wrong message to voters to sheepishly obey to and accept whatsoever the outcome of the elections is. Absurd! My question is this: are we holding elections for the sake of recognition—and forgetting  about democracy once recognition is attained— and baptistery for the world's most wanted guys in the government or even more dangerous ends in mind or for the sake of a fair representation of our people or what?

This election, international election observers were misused of their presence, and no need to go back to Somaliland to any elections in the future unless new setup put in place. as the people are obsessed with recognition over the last twenty years, the presence of foreign is indirectly intimidation to illiterate people "do not ask your rights as that may make the international election observers misconstrue your speech as anti-western sentiments and eventually undermine our much-sought goal of recognition", many innocent folks took that statement for its face value, of course, people like their country to go independent and thus compromise whatsoever could have negative impact on the goal. Some dishonestly writers like the above are in line to keep people silent even if their basic rights are infringed! More than rigged election widely documented by observers had happened, and yet people were programmed to fear from the international election observers to pretend to be satisfied with the results! Fake, transient democracy has born.

In pre-independence ere, Somalia had no knowledge of statehood and modern governance; people were enthusiastic to get independence without taking to build sustainable system carefully into account, then, everything from judiciary to executive branch was hastily established in wrong way, therefore; not more than 20 years, Somalia soon fell apart. In case of our tiny country, you do not need to remain passive when fundamentals of our country's foundation, the democracy and freedom are violated, "little illegal She-Camel doesn't beget legal one" as Somali proverb says. Likewise, unlawfully founded system doesn't beget lawful one, too, if the system become wrongly based today, it's hard to fix it up in the future.  The expectation of better future if the trend remains so makes you look fool. "You've made your bed and must lay on it".

The international elections observers are part of sound democracies anywhere in the world and I've no objection to their coming to our soil, but the misuse of foreign observers without their knowledge is out of the question. Silanyo's government has abused the observers' arrival.

Helping two pro-government parties Kulmiye and Wadani plus the funny party of UCID of publicity stunt to win in the municipal elections with number one and with seven candidates in all regions, and number two respectively . it's  reminds me of Nigerian dictator whom came under mounting pressure to democratize the country, Ibrahim Babangida responded to form three or more bogus parties all acting as opposition to maintain his oppressive regime by other means.  He upset his citizens and the world.

The president Silanyo is addicted to tribalism and cronyism, incurable illnesses. Abdirasaq Omani, the poor layman contractor of multi-million dollar project of Egal international Airport, a close relative of him (sub-clan f Adan Madoobe), has disappointed us all very much and dimmed the view of democracy of many people.
Many analysts advised the current government not to hold any more elections because of its inability to do so. The president decided to cling to power. So the government is not jus less prepared but also totally unprepared to hold elections.

The president's silence on troublesome elections despite the loss of human lives is strong indication of growing conspiracy. A rumor of waving national blue flag of Somalia in the riots that followed the declaration of biased results to mislead and divide the public into pro-Somaliland demonstrators and Somalia is a novel cheap scare tactic devised by the president himself, only cool dorks would buy. However; if he wants to take Somaliland into Somalia, he should have done years ago when Tuur, the late founder of this country changed his mind to rule Somalia but earned only disgrace and infamy.  Like Tuur. Only Silanyo will go to Somalia, but Somaliland will stay here forever.

When Egal has died, Somaliland proved to be sustainable institution and I don't think our elected government would be hidden branch of and be run like Dahab Shii enterprise despite its claims of funding long journey to power.

Somalilanders should not repeat the meaningless, costly elections. The people has learnt holding elections under murky government is not always necessarily a positive development.

Dirye is Somaliland Activist and Volunteer, his email:

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