Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Court Sentences Minister Hersi’s Alleged Stalker

Court Sentences Minister Hersi's Alleged Stalker

Hargeisa(Qarannews):- The Marodi Jeh regional court has today sentenced Nadra Jama, the young woman, allegedly, accused of sending abusive texts and sms to presidency minister, Hersi Ali Haji Hassan, to eight months in prison.

Nadra Jama who had been held in remand for close to a month has been found guilty of sending abusive texts and sms to the minister.

The family of Nadra Jama have told the media of their dismay at the sentence and also reveal the stipulation requested by the minister in order to drop the case, which were,

1. To inform the media that their daughter was wrong
2. That Nadra goes before the court and pleads guilty to sending the alleged texts
3. A public apology from the family to the minister

However, sources confirm that even after the family met all the condition, aside from plea in court, minister Hersi still decided to carry on with the case. So, Nadra has been tried and found guilty given eights months and sent to the women's prison in Gabiley. A "huge" victory for the minister.

All in all, this sad and tawdry episode proves that power without education or common sense is a dangerous thing. Minister Hersi in attempting to keep his dignity, has made a mockery of the privileges of power, of our cultural heritage and finally of himself.

No doubt Nadra will survive her sentence and move on with her life, minister Hersi's credibility as a public official took a massive hit today.

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