Friday, February 8, 2013

Somaliland community in UK has got massive preparatory to welcome the president of Somaliland and his delegation.

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Somaliland community in UK has got massive preparatory to welcome the president of Somaliland and his delegation.


For the last few days has been busy days for the Somaliland community in UK, the different officials of Somaliland representatives in UK and the whole community were trying massively to connect programs and enormous tasks that will welcome with open hearts, fresh flowers and also open hands to the delegation led by president of Somaliland, the tiny country of unrecognized for couple of decades in the nations of Africa as isolated orphan with fantastic stability and all fundamental procedures needed from a democratic system or government, definitely all those criteria have been fully fulfilled quite maturely, as the country held many elections of parliamentarian, municipality and presidential  as well.  The truth is all the elections were managed for the best and fair levels available with out corruption or abuse.

 The insights and genius behind for the whole process of independence is the nation of Somaliland in general and people like the current president of Somaliland Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Siilaanyo who has very undeniable and huge contributions of rich history better than anybody implemented by brain and thoughts based on humanitarian relief to promote the better systematical way of life that totally free from conflicts, terrorism and all difficulties deteriorate the region for instability and despicable complications, the president of Somaliland absolutely made things easier and established real, peaceful environment in the horn of Africa.  This government is quite aware of the international conventions and treaties and become very obedient to comply with those levels internationally in lieu of working international communities very clearly and supportively to get rid of any potential risks eminent here in Somaliland or adjacent neighboring countries with great efforts and better channels of communications of clear understanding. The president Ahmed Siilaanyo will soon arrive in UK to meet some respectful high profile individuals of this country to step up a very strong cooperation relations in order to work with global security and the development of the Continent of Africa that has been ravaged by civil war and conflicts of different groups that are totally unacceptable to exist in the continent at all.

 Somaliland community here in UK fully back the president and his government that also highly and extremely appreciated his achievement as president of republic of Somaliland, this ruler has dramatically taken to the nation into peace, prosperity and progress, the poverty has been eradicated by creating employment opportunities in the country that assisted a large number of people to get a better life and constant stable future ahead and really to be improved constantly and clearly for the whole coming months and years in the future.

 The community of Somaliland is ready to receive and salute the president and his delegation in the airport to show the enemy and oppositions how dedicated and committed they are to support their independence and sovereignty as a nation.  Some domestic protestors believed to arrive and confront the delegation for the assistance and encouragement of Somaliland enemy who are using some Somaliland national individuals in UK to destroy gradually the national interest of Somaliland.  But the officials of Somaliland based in Britain will do all they can to defuse the situation and welcome the delegation in a very high diplomatically immunity, it is obvious that the community is waiting for the delegation with a good protocol and discipline arrangements as different sources already made ready quite well to carry out this national task with out negligence or mistakes.


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