Saturday, February 2, 2013

Somaliland Security Services Arrest Six Suspects With Links To Al-Shabab

Somaliland Security Services Arrest Six Suspects With Links To Al-Shabab

Hargeisa,(Qaran news)-The Somaliland Security Services have arrested on Friday six suspects with alleged links or ties to Al-Shabab. The six include the brother of the head of Al-Shabab Ahmed Abdi Godane.

According to reliable sources two other individuals were arrested as they left their local Masjid after Friday prayers whilst another individual was arrested on the main control check-point in the eastern district of Hargeisa.

Sources also confirm that another individual was arrested in Berbera. According to reliable sources this particular individual had join Al-Shabab during then subsequently defected to the security forces and then re-defected again back to Al-Shabab.

Meanwhile the head of the Somaliland Security Services Jama Mohamed Botan departed for an unspecified trip to Ethiopia. Prior to his departure, Jama Mohamed sacked the head of the Hargeisa office of the Security Services, Muhsin Aw-Ali.

The Head of the Somaliland Security Services is expected to meet with UK counterparts in Ethiopia in order to discuss areas of mutual co-operation.

All in all, the arrests of these six individuals clearly shows that the Somaliland government is taking all necessary measures to combat terrorism and assure its friends across the globe that the stability and security country is in good hand.

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