Saturday, April 20, 2013

Minister details the killing of Somaliland intelligence chief

Minister details the killing of Somaliland intelligence chief

AYNABO, Somaliland  –  Interior Minister Mohamed Nur Araale stated that 16 people were arrested for the jailbreak that killed a Somaliland intelligence chief, Garowe Online reports.

Minister Araale stated at a press conference in Hargeisa that Somaliland authorities have arrested 16 men who have been charged with conspiring to free two men who had been jailed in Aynabo jail station for a grazing land dispute issue.

"In the city of Aynabo at the local jail station a group of armed men stormed the jail station forcefully freeing two men from their clan.

Luckily there were armed forces who were operating in the area and heard the gunshots and rushed to the scene, successfully arresting 16 armed men who participated in the jailbreak," said Minister Araale's on Tuesday's meeting.

Saraar region Intelligence Chief Ahmed Aydid was killed in the jailbreak also two correction officers were injured.

Minister Araale stated that the cause of the arrest of the two was because of a grazing land dispute.

"There were four men arrested for a grazing land dispute that occurred between two clans that live in that area," said Minister Araale.

He stated that the jailbreak did not have any relation to a recent land dispute over oil exploration in the area.

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