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Somaliland has been beaten and betrayed by her own

Somaliland has been beaten and betrayed by her own 
By Ibrahim Mead

Leaders are trusted servants of the people. When they betray that trust they become betrayers. There is a dark empty hole in the heart of the betrayers. They become sinners “Their crime is of such enormity that it will deprive them of divine mercy and the Prophet’s intercession. On the Day of Judgment, every traitor would be raised carrying the flag of his betrayal. A caller will cry out from the vast arena of judgment, pointing to him, drawing attention to him” (Xadeeth)

Betrayal is defined as “the violation of a presumptive contract, trust that produces moral and psychological conflict within a relationship amongst individuals, between organizations or between people and their governments. Betrayal is a complete break from previously decided upon or presumed norms by one party from the other.
” Someone who betrays that contract and that trust is commonly called a betrayer.”
Betrayal is devastating and the reason that betrayal is most devastating is because most often it is a loss that didn’t have to occur. It only happens because of someone’s deliberate hurtful behavior, or their carelessness, or their own personal weakness.

Islamic view of betrayal:

Islam views cheating, deception as a betrayal and they are considered as heinous sins, a source of shame to the guilty party committed them, both in this world and hereafter. The Prophet, (scws), did not merely denounce them by excluding them from the Muslim community in this world; he also announced that the shame of traitors will be immense. “Those who thought that their betrayal had been forgotten will find it right there, exposed for the whole world to see on banners raised high held by their own hands!

Every traitor will have a banner on the Day of Resurrection and it will be said: This is the betrayer of so-and-so.” (Saheeh Al-Bukhari) Their shame will increase even more when they meet with the Prophet of Mercy, the advocate of the sinners on that terrifying and horrible Day.The Prophet of Islam said: “God said: There are three whom I will oppose on the Day of Resurrection: a man who gave his word and then betrayed it; a man who sold a free man into slavery and kept the money; and a man who hired someone, benefited from his labor, and then did not pay his wages.” (Saheeh Al-Bukhari)

In this context it is the heads of the three branches of government in Somaliland who betrayed their trust. It is the trio, the president of the Republic, the chairman of the expired House of Representatives and the chair man of the expired, unelected body called Guurti. They collectively violated the presumptive contract with the people. The two chairmen of the respective houses of congress ceased to serve the people long time ago; they instead serve the executive body for their own personal benefits. Some have their allegiance with their clan more than they have with the country that pays them The executive body transformed the government of (the many) the people in to an oligarchy entity! (A Government by the few)


I think Mr.Siilanyo and his aids think that admitting their wrongs and expressing remorse or sorrows are signs of weakness. They don’t want to appear weak so they act callously, and ignore the problem totally! That is what they are doing now! They are using our kids with guns to kill the innocent citizens. That is abuse and misuse of power.
Is there a chance that Siilanyo is as miserable as the people he betrayed, but unable or unwilling to admit it, and that he will die with it? Chances are he’s not! Maybe he is simply shallow and self-involved, without the capacity for deeper understanding of what he did, knowingly or otherwise and the effects of his acts. Either way I think Mr. Siilanyo should try to stop dwelling on this ungodly situation. He must learn what he can from (betrayal) his evil acts whether intentional or otherwise so he doesn’t repeat this sin again and again, moreover he better not let this incident-how sinful it is- harden his heart or make him reluctant to reach out again. People who do not value trust enough to respect it in the first place more often than not engage this pattern of repeat offender cycle.
Mr. Siilanyo better make this tragedy a teachable moment and move on, but only after confession and atonement, not with out them.

The President better address the disaster imbued from his betrayal and from the acts of his amateur act-first-then-think-later Ministers. He must seek forgiveness and move on, that is if he is there. That is if he believes atonement and forgiveness

People are not united, they are divided. Some are even targeted. The nation’s house is in disarray. It is crumbling and it ought to be intervened before it comes down! It is indeed crumbling on the heads of the trio but they don’t see it! They better change what is in their selves to see it They must seek forgiveness from Allah then from the people of Somaliland- only then they can move Somaliland forward. They can not do that by lying and living in a world of fantasy! I hope they are there to make this move.

Confession, atonement and renewal are the ways for word if the trios do understand that!

What is the role of the people in this tragedy?

It is your country which you shed blood and paid all your treasure that has been betrayed. It is your most sacred thing. It is your self and personality that has been demeaned and diminished. It is your identity and persona that has been carelessly and shamelessly dragged and tarnished. What the trio have done to Somaliland burns deep inside you. You loose sleep for the anger, the shock and the disappointment. You may find yourself still not believing it’s happened to you and to your country. But it has!
When those we have entrusted with our vote, our country and our loyalty betray us, we feel desecrated deep inside. We question whether we can ever recover from this. But we must recover from this by confronting the betrayers and cause change by utilizing the power of persuasion, and persistence. It is our right. it is the country we founded.
It is at this moment of realization, that you will make some of the most important decisions of your entire life, rather than on your bitterness and anger. If you dwell on your anger of what they have done to Somaliland it will consume all of your creative energy and thinking, the energy and vision that you will need to come up with your next move. Don’t be trapped with anger, confusion and hopelessness. Don’t let this misery swallow you up. Take Somaliland in to a safe shore. Don’t wait any more.

“Allah knows the man who means mischief from the man who means good.” (Ayah)
Strict probity is demanded of man but if he falls short of it man is told that he can not escape Allah’s punishment even though he may evade human punishment. “Those who want to change (nicmatu Allah) the good granted to them, they will not only encounter the anger of the people but they receive the wrath of Allah whose punishment is severe. In my judgment those are the ones who have forgotten or marginalized the founders of the 2nd Republic of Somaliland and instead heralded and spent the people’s money on the haters of the Republic. Those are the betrayers of Somaliland. Those are the rulers!! They also made the people punch of idiots in the process!

“Who ever persevere as we did before and stand on his ground as we did before, as far as Somaliland independence is concerned, and believes that noble cause which we paid blood and treasure, grasped the most trust worthy hand hold that never breaks.

The end belongs to the righteous

However peace and prayers
Ibrahim Mead

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