Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dahir Rayale is Brought Down to His Knees by Pressure from Awdal Suldaans Who are Backed by Their People

Dahir Rayale is Brought Down to His Knees by Pressure from Awdal Suldaans Who are Backed by Their People

Last Friday afternoon, Rayale knelt down in front of Awdal elders, held his hands up and begged for forgiveness.  He looked frail and a typical creeping wounded animal bleeding from serious self inflicted injuries.

 The scars in his political life are deep and will probably remain with him forever. This man cannot turn the clock back and he very well knows that he failed himself and he and his impotent advisors are to blame. His call for mercy at this time is too late and his repents, regrets are not more than lip service and crocodile's tears. He already lost the trust of his people and many believe that he is not yet ready to change his monkey business. Those who met him saw nothing new but emptiness and still on his old foot-steps of lies and divide and rule.  Anyway he knows he is the one who started the fight when he provoked the anger of the people and tested their patience to the zero level in many different ways:
-         It was unnecessary and irresponsible to deny the Suldans access to their territory when they wanted to visit Saadadiin.
-         Rayale, shamelessly, used the public media to discredit the elders. He could have met them and explain himself at that time but not now.
-         This was seen as adding insult to the injury because Rayale couldn't dare to catch the butchers who mutilated the bodies of our people. People know that safety and security is a priority for any responsible government but not land confiscations and initiations of tribal rivalry.
-         He should have consulted the Awdal elite, the elders and the business community when taking such steps as he does with other tribe elders.
-         An illegitimate tribal leadership of Somaliland should not create provinces because it is not a recognized government. Don't forget, you little Rayale and your opposition leaders. You are working in the framework of a transitional administration not a government. That was our initial agreement.
-         Without self-esteem and lack of confidence, he distances himself from the Awdal people in fear of tribal allegiance. At least, he should have protected their rights as their impartial leader.  That is seen as na├»ve because he meets other tribal elders on regular basis. 

  Rayale is not able to distinguish the
differences between political opposition
leaders and the people's elders. His strategies
and approaches should not be the same when
challenging, for example, Silanyo and when
dealing with Suldans. The community elders
represent the people who put Rayale in
power. Skillful leaders avoid confronting the
public and their leaders. This man does not
understand that the government is for the
people and from the people. In this issue of
establishing nonsense provinces and foreign
investments, Rayale was supposed to use a
politician's strategy to convince the leaders.
He should have known the disastrous
outcome about the Niger Delta and the Shell
Company when the tribes protested.  We are
living in an era of reasoning and the era of
war and force is long gone with failures of
Hitler and Mussolini. A good leader has to be
transparent with the people. If there is
something to explain, the public has every
right to get the facts and that is what the
Awdal people were looking for.
Mr. Rayale, we, for the rest, warn to assure you that we stand behind our elders who advocate for our rights and lands. Those who are inside the country and elsewhere, Arabia, Europe and North America are all united. We will never back down in protecting our interests and will never rest until we secure our rights and our freedom. We are united in this case and the few cheap members whom you have bought will not divide us. They only cover you from the truth and the cracks in your shattering leadership. In our modern world, all politicians are very well aware of the people's power and many dictators, even with an arsenal at their disposal, must bend pressure from the people. We are on the move with our full force and determination from every corner and on the march to crush any one who comes on our way. You will never get away with the crime of giving our territories and hiding our blood selfish interest. Today, our historic town of Zeila is in the process of being re-manufactured as carte eight of Djibouti. What a nonsense? You and all those who surround you are all traitors and will soon be seen in people's courts. Whether you buy homes for your family in Paris or in Beardou, you will end up in the international court of Haunts. Your dreams will be nightmares; you will live in guilt forever and you will finish your life as a fugitive.
Hussein A. Egeh

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