Thursday, November 24, 2011

I don’t want to live "the law of the jungle" By: Dr. A.E.Obsiye

I don't want to live "the law of the jungle" By: Dr. A.E.Obsiye
Written by Dr.Abdi Elmi Obsiye   

As you may understand- the law of the jungle is the way in which the strongest and cleverest people in a society stay alive or succeed. I have been following with interest the news of my beloved ugaas Abdirashiid Rooble for the day of his arrival till today . I understand almost all the community of Awdal/Salal had welcomed him with great enthusiasm. My community had witnessed a high quality leadership "under a series of ugaas heritage" Thanks to Allah who had gave us the courage of reviving it again. It is misfortunate that our community had lost many of its benefits during his absence. (Ugaas's absence) .Next, I do have to thank to my élites and intellectuals in Diaspora who had initiated and processed this issue of leadership. While the debate and the arrangements of the "ugaas" leadership was going on in abroad (between the Diaspora community of Awdal andSalal region) everyone at home welcomed at heart with high inspiration and could hardly wait the arrival of "ugaas Abdirashiid" .If you reflect back how the rest of the S/land regions arrange and appoint their leadership you will find out- how the rule of the discipline and the order is respected. Yes, of course nobody wants to live "the law of jungle." We have to listen each other and respect from one another and others will respect our concern. There is a saying – wise men don't need to prove their points, men who need to prove their points are not wise.

As I write this article , the vice – president of Somaliland H.E.Mr.Adibiraaman Adulaahi Saylici is on the way to visit Awdal/Salal Region to solve some minor issues among his community. In solving such issues will of course back up the career of his political ambition if not… . yes it is true opportunity to our community to see again the new light of the horizon, and I am very glad to see how the majority of his people supported the beloved Ugaas Cabdirashiid Ugaas Rooble.

During my Universities study I have learnt that our thoughts give out moods, our attitude and our actions. I have also learnt that superficial focused thinking produces a superficial unfocused life.

O' My God lead me from hate to love

O' My God lead me from Unger to pleasure

O' my God lead me from hell to heaven

O' My God lead me from injustice to fairness

I hope my beloved Ugaas will show fairness, Honesty, Equity and Justice to his community of Awdal and Salal Region.


By: Dr. Abdi Elmi Obsiye

Borama,Awdal region


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