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Sub: An open letter to Professor Suleiban and Amoud Alumni Association:

Sub: An open letter to Professor Suleiban and Amoud Alumni Association:
Last Modified: Wed 26th Oct,2011
Dear professors Suleiman, please accept my best regards and congratulations towards the fantastic job that you and your team always pursue in the University. After that, I would like to mention how I'm so amazed, to see the beautiful and the well-equipped current campus; the other day of my revisit.This is an image which is really opposite to the pass one. Having seen this attractive campus has automatically, activated my past memories up and thus conceived to discuss a couple of issues concerning about my special feelings, which I must submit here as well as to leave a message to anyone who always concerns the University wellbeing. Since I'm hearing some different messages, those are coming from in my previous Amoud experience-to those reflecting and reminding my classmates and me, the long journey that we took, It became necessary to point out how it was rough to deal with or eliminate the bad impact and rumors which existed among the society whom we used to live with and daily interact at that time. Because people were wondering how this idea of opening a University would work, since the whole schooling system has been absent so long and collapsed completely. And the debate could be worse sometimes when they insist their bad impression towards it. But we never pay any attention, since we adopted a new way of life which difference than others- to prove it, we decided to ignore any kind of setbacks and just let our ears to hear some exciting and entertaining news from others, since we want to succeed for our mission, we choose to seek motivations, rather than disappointment.

As we all know, we were a group of students, who were very unique and committed to pave the bumpy road, believing with, that there was a rough road ahead which is winding but carries fruitful future advantages for all,to the local communities, to the country and the Horn in general.One of the main reasons I'm posting this article is to echo, and remind the others how it was rough to study here in the previous years, according to the shortage of books, seats, and the scarcity of water, and the electricity which we used to enjoy throughout the years of our studying period as the first batch. All though nothing comes easy but lucky enough, we were all successful.

There is no doubt that we turned on a fully lighting candle which cannot be turned off. However this was an expensive experience, which we always live with and proud of, where ever we are. The purpose behind addressing these difficult circumstance of teaching methods or study,that we have had at that time, is to let the others (current& future students) to know how lucky they are, but most importantly,is to leave a piece of information to any uninformed groups of people or individuals how hard we have worked that mission out!.

In addition to that, it came in to my mind to mention, that your tangible community input cannot be said in words, but deserve a meaning full historic element to be especially built for you, by the stakeholders as a memorial.

Today, I will not be reluctant to put forward my initiative towards building and architecting a true monument which comes under your name, while you are alive, not when you die.

The purpose is to get a symbol that represent or stands the specific hard work that you have done and achieved throughout the years of your leadership. On the other hand, it will be a living sample of measurement which might be based on any future and present activities that may be carried out by the University leaders. I would like to assure or point out, that the future generations should read your name( Pro.S.A.Guleid) as everyone now reads, picture taken and watches the famous stone named by C.V.Obells' that's laid by him under the wall in 1952, which is clearly visible while heading to the main office.

There will be a fallow up plans and proposals concerning about laying a strong foundation of the above mentioned task and will be funded internally, not externally. What do I mean internally? I mean, all Amoud alumni students will be invited for this project first and then, teachers. So, these kinds of activities will reciprocal a way to recall the Amoud family different groups, such as the first donors, community leaders, drivers, teachers and the respected students from 1997 up to present. Especially those who pioneer and devoted their time and energy to turn the University dream in to a reality one. Because this kind of new opinion has been circulating around only in the minds of a few people those has been also lacking enough support in the public eye at that time.Therefore, we decided to prove it, as we did it successfully. Thanks to the almighty.

This first group also deserves a special recognition since we know that they played a major role for this history making, though the history repeats itself, but cannot be lightly taken in anyway, since they are the potential-present teachers as well as leaders. And they themselves have to recognize that they have an everlasting role to play, where ever they are when it comes to contribution. And I believe that the first role we are required for is to connect and set up an effective communication network channels that ought, to unite all Amoud Alumni to payback it something in return.

And that's the only way as Amoud product can exercise feasibly and may represent a good example to fallow by others, as well as to show, how we are willing to lead and committed to make some changes i.e.

• Idea sharing.

• Initiating an empirical development action towards the society: - which includes eliminatingthe bad attitudes among the society into better ones.

• We will enlighten the dark edges and barriers among the people and can let them know also, that there is a better way of living and governing system ahead that is must to targetand reachable in the future; but achievable only through trust and respect among each other.Being the first class, we put forward and registered an Alumni association, soon after we've graduated from Amoud University-knowing that, it was necessary to establish it but has been paid less interest so many years. Nevertheless, we want to refresh it now, since it is the only unique way that can bring the long separated family together again. On the other hand, I want to encourage all different graduates from the university, to keep this upcoming family re-union in mind and spare some time and energy for this getting together cession which is planned to be held at Amoud main hall of conferences by unscheduled time yet, but shall be announced later officially. And possibly; may be held annually.

These intellectually, revised proposals could be amended through under group discussion, because discussions are the core values and guidelines that this entity belongs. The results or the outcome of this meeting will be handed out and submitted to the main beneficiaries.

By the way, these above rose and discussed point of issues, cannot be possible or productive enough unless receiving a sincere tangible support from the administration in terms of, ideologically acceptance and facilitation wise. Therefore, we are appealing to the executives to show and give a healthy, and friendly working co-operation with the Alumni, so we can all benefit from that easily.

Illustrated by the First Amoud Student Chairman:

Abdullahi M Horri

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