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Siilanyo’s odium war against targeted communities, Gabiley being first

Siilanyo’s odium war against targeted communities, Gabiley being first

Written by Ibrahim Mead

IntroductionThis is a destabilizing move and Somaliland and the region as a whole must be worried.
When leadership is bad, a nation suffers, and then if not addressed in one point the state goes away with the wind!
Somaliland seems slipping away from our hands if the “trio” is not stopped. The question is-who is the felon here, the trio or the leadership? Who will be accountable to Somaliland, to history and to God as well? The other question is-is the president aware of what is happening and the consequences of the actions of the ‘trio’? Is he a victim or a felon? However and in the end it is Mr. Siilanyo and Mr. Gaal who will be answerable to history of the consequences of what they are presiding by virtue of being the president and the chair of the Guurti. The other guy in the House of Representatives made him self a product and it was sold by the executiveThe other question is- what has Gabiley done to deserve this odium war from Siilanyo’s administration? 

The three things Gabiley has done whether a sin or not were:
a) They made Siilanyo the chairman of SNM in 1987
b) They saved him from the colonials of SNM who wanted him ousted from his position in 1988 and ambushed him in ‘Laanqayrta’ Ethiopia in the same year
c) they made him president by giving him 80% of their vote
that is their sin!!!!!How bad leadership destroys statesBad leadership destroys people and country. This conforms to what we are seeing happening in Hargeisa, in Siilanyo’s administration run by the ‘trio.’ They use the president as a rubber stamp to their evil agendas and activities. That is the prevailing believes in Somaliland, particularly in Hargeisa!

Thus that is a testament to the continuing subtle war the government engaged with the community in Gabiley region! It is demonstrative to how Siilanyo’s ‘trio’ deniedJAMHUURIGA, UDHIS, HORYAAL IYO NDB political parties to exercise their political rights. These parties are the most popular parties with the most voting power but they happened to be from the targeted communities and their sin was that will win in the ballot box!

‘History repeats it self’ as it is said. Dictator Siyaad Barre started the war against Somaliland (then the Northern region of Somali Republic) right there in Gabiley
Mr. Siilanyo is starting a war in the same place his ex-boss did! This is in step with Another model of the ‘politics of the belly’ “it is the idea that the leaders create incentives for them selves to use “disorder as a political instrument This refers to the process by which political actors in Africa seek to maximize their returns on the state of confusion, uncertainty and sometimes even chaos which characterizes most African politics..” the trio are practicing this game with out giving a thought the consequences of this evil game!

The leadership of a people should be truly committed to the cause and the aspirations of the people and the country they rule first and foremost. That is not there in Siilanyo’s Somaliland
True leadership must be for the benefits of the people not the enrichment of the leaders and their cronies and the latter is what is happening in Somaliland these days under the “trio”administrationCorruption has engulfed Somaliland like fire does. Bribery is now a common practice among the institutions of the government.
Liu Binyan said ‘’Smashing a mirror is no way to make an ugly person beautiful nor is it a way to make (social) problems evaporate.’’ The ‘trio’ may not understand this and their wicked game is going on and on and on!!

.When the government is so corrupt, and arrogant, when that government engages subtle wars with targeted communities like Siilanyo government is doing in Gabiley Region, then that government loses legitimacy. When that happens then it loses the moral authority to govern. It got to change internally or be changed, Such immoral, arrogant and ignorant functionaries in Siilanyo’s government run by the ‘trio’ are in the process of resorting ‘the politics of the belly’ and they will do it when ever they see it fit in their greediness! It is happening now and that is a bad news for the stability of the whole region. That is becoming Somalia and the world is fed up of one Somalia and can not entertain another one! Somalia already practiced this model! They are tired of it and it looks that they are trying to change course. 
That ‘belly’ politics, the vindictive policies and the behavior of the ‘trio’ will put Somaliland to a breakdown and, then disorder will descend until we become like Somalia. If we continue to point out mayhem bad leadership has caused without confronting it and implementing solutions, then we are making another big mistake. Somaliland can not let her throat cut while she is seeing the knife coming her wayLet sanity prevail and let us stop the evil doers the “trio” as soon as possible. The president seems a hostage to the “trio” in one fashion or the other. That is the prevailing believes in Hargeisa! In the end the ‘buck stops at his desk’ and he will be responsible of the actions of the‘trio’Peace and prayers for the Mother land

Ibrahim Mead

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