Sunday, January 6, 2013

Somaliland: Armed Forces Ranks And Insignia To Be Issued

Somaliland: Armed Forces Ranks And Insignia To Be Issued

Hargiesa The Somaliland Defence minister Ahmed Haji Ali Adami has stated that the first patch of Armed Forces insignia have reached the country and its expected that the remainder will arrive in the coming weeks.

In a press briefing, Defence minister Adami stated that all sections of the Somaliland Armed Forces will be receiving their ranks, grades and insignias.

The minister stated that the various ranks have already been decided and all that remains is to present each force with its own insignia.

The minister stated that a ceremony will be held to commemorate the introduction of insignias to all of Somaliland's Armed Forces.

According to reliable sources, the insignia of the Somaliland Armed Forces will reflect the British model with pips instead of stars for each officer rank and a Major's badge made from the official shield of Somaliland. It is anticipated that the Army insignia will be on a red background, blue for the Police, green for the Custodial Corps and White and Navy for the Coastguard and Naval service.

Somalilanders are awaiting the outcome of the Armed Forces ranks with great anticipation and it is hoped that this will mark a forward step in the development of a professional military and police service.

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