Sunday, January 6, 2013

Somaliland: Ceremony For New Mayor Of Hargeisa

Somaliland: Ceremony For New Mayor Of Hargeisa

Hargeisa(Qarannews):- The newly elected local council of the Somaliland capital, Hargeisa, led by its new mayor elect Eng. Yusuf Warsame Saeed has officially replaced the old council and the former mayor Emg. Hussein Mohamed Ji'ir at the ceremony held in the municipality.

Speaking at the ceremony, former Mayor thanked the residents of Hargeisa for giving him the privilege of serving them and highlighted some of the achievements of his long term in office. 

The former Mayor also welcomed the new council and encouraged them to carry on the development of the city and to further the services provided to the residents of Hargeisa.

The incoming Mayor Eng. Yusuf Warsame thanked the former mayor and the departing council for their service, but didn't go into great details regarding the projects currently under way from the previous council and his own plans for the city. It is expected that the new council will hold a press briefing to present their programmes.

Former Mayor Ji'ir had held the post for almost a decade, although the term of each mayor should have only been 5 years.

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