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Somaliland is in a government created serious crises

Somaliland is in a government created serious crises

Written by Ibrahim Mead   
Jan 05, 2013 at 01:35 PM


When we are united we prosper and we prevail and we become strong. 
When we are divided we fail, we fumble and we become weak. 
When that is the case, it is natural that we expect from any Moral and conscientious leader to avoid dividing his people for his own (sinister) political agenda but instead strife for the unity and harmony of his people. United we are some thing. Divided, we are nothing and Somaliland is wounded and divided by her leadership now!

When people are elected they are expected not to stand up there and say I am some thing! They are expected to do some thing (good) for their people and their country. 
In Somaliland, unfortunately the former is the case. The point is that they don't intend not to do some thing for the country but they don't know how to do it! That means most of them are not qualified for the national job entrusted to them. Some are out right sinister.

When a government is visionary, honesty, clean and accountable to their people who elected them precisely for that reason it becomes a successful administration that works for the people and the country and executes the nation's agenda in the right way.

However when a government is corrupt and made corruption part of the culture of their administration, when a government is not honesty or did not demonstrate that, when a government spends a lot of money to divide and further divide communities, that entity is not working for the interest of their nation. That entity is an oligarchy enterprise. Unfortunately the government of Somaliland demonstrated all that to day! That is what is happening in the local front in Somaliland nowadays!

In the foreign front, I wonder, why Mr. Siilanyo and his disgusted, and distrusted administration often tell us that "the British Government told them this or that? 
Who are they accountable to!? Are they accountable to Britain or are they accountable to the people of Somaliland!? If they are accountable to the people and the country of Somaliland they better stop this nonsense. They tell the people that the British is pressuring them for this or for that! No one can pressure an honest responsible leader to abandon the bottom line of his people. It is the people's desire and aspirations that has to be protected.
They tell the people "The British is compelling them to do what the people of Somaliland do not want, which is to capitulate and give up the independence of Somaliland which is a no-go zone and a 
sacrosanct to the soul and the flesh of every honest Somalilanders every where.

Is the British telling us, as the government is saying to delegitimize our Referendum the people of Somaliland democratically voted for and ratified thereafter!? 
Is that what the British is truly saying to the Somaliland government as they tell us that is the case!?" Besides, where was Britain when the people of Somaliland were fighting for their existence and the existence of their country-Somaliland? 
Where were they when millions died for and hundreds of millions of dollars were robbed? Where was every body when ethnic cleansing was the call of Siyad Barre's rule? Where was every body when Somalia was untied behind the ethnic cleansing scheme of Barre's Military government against the people of Somaliland?

I don't believe Britain or any other democratic government would pressure any body to overturn and dismiss the wishes, aspirations and determination of their people!
It was just yesterday when the British Prime Minister was telling Argentina and the world that it is up to the people of the Falk Islands to determine their futureand the prime Minister reiterated that no one else has the right to deny that right for these people. And for any other people, for that matter, I may add. Who is playing the evil game here!?

Our independence was won with blood and treasure and it is not negotiable, it is not for sale. Merchants who benefited from the people of Somaliland must not undermine the aspirations of Somalilanders for further more profits! No body whether it is this government or any other government has no mandate to negate or reverse or delegitimize in one form or the other with what the people of Somaliland determined and voted for it in a popular referendum, which is the independence of Somaliland, period!

Why the government is doing these undesirable acts?

Siilanyo and his crowd ushered Somaliland into a vicious circle, the circle of evil (fee daairatu suu- walciyaadu billaah). What is happening in Somaliland is incredible! Tragedies, trials and troubles bordering deception happened one after the other until it became part of the norm in the government of Somaliland leading by Mr. Siilanyo and clique!  What is the vision if any of this government? How is their mental state, Are they: 

a) Delusional

b) Do they think the people are idiots?

c) Are they out of it as far as governing is concerned?

d) Are they under the control of their greed for most of them are belly-and-brocket people 
e) Are they saboteurs undermining the Somaliland hopes and aspirations which is her sovereignty and independence? (Somaliland has been already tarnished and weakened.)

President Siilanyo invited some elders with 'sultan' titles seeking their help in this serious situation emanated from the fraudulent election. The next day his foreign affairs secretary and himself declared that the election the government organized were fair, transparent, and legitimate and as a result they  sent self congratulatory messages to who….!? If every thing was dandy and great as the 'due' claimed, then why did the president summoned so many sultans and sought their help regarding the instability and other serious problems caused by the fraudulent and rigged elections!? It doesn't add up!

In the case of Zeila municipal dispute, the government of Mr.Siilanyo went there to mediate between the two contesting groups. One group is complaining that, their votes were stolen. The government was proposing that the chairmanship be given to the victimized group. The other group with the majority elected members declined the request and resisted the pressure exerted on them. The question is who caused the rigging and voter Fraud in the first place? The government is accused as the perpetrator of this shameful act. 
In the end of the day it is the government that created the mess and it is up to her to solve it. What they are doing and what they are not doing doesn't add up, however!

Despite the over whelming proof and countless reports that the last municipal election held in Somaliland was fraudulent, rigged and out right sham, yet the oligarchy administration of Mr. Siilanyo is still insisting and even congratulated each other that the Municipal elections in Somaliland were fair and successful in its totality. I think other then themselves, no one else believes that the election was neither fair, nor transparent. Therefore they are either cruel, callus or deceptive group with intent to damage the unity, the hopes and aspirations of Somaliland or if they are not so then they are delusional or they are out of it all together!

The president and the oligarchies fit in one or more of these nine categories:

a) that they are delusional and live in a world of fantasy
b) that they believe bribing and the machine gun is the way to govern
c) that divide and further divide the people and then rule is the way to run a government 
d) that the people are idiots who believe their deceptive and dishonesty version of events
e) that the mere utterance of "keep the peace" and creating fear is the other way to go by

f) Or they intentionally create this unstable sinister situation where no one trusts no, one until the people lost confidence in perusing their cause in a coherent way! 
g) Or they are saboteurs causing civil war where by the two Somali entities are equalized in this miserable unstable situation. After that those who were behind this sabotage will say to the innocent people of Somaliland, "lo, I am clear of you, Lo, it is up to you now I fear Allah, I am gone!" then they disappear with brief cases of cash! And that is what Satan says when he succeeds in his ungodly evil acts after the victims take the bait and it seems that Somaliland people have taken the bait and the Satan is happy and then will declare that he is clear of the victims!
h) Or they are innocent people trying their best but don't know what is best for the country and what is not!
I) OR is it that we collectively are recipients of the curse of the spirits of the martyrs who are angry of how the government and the people together derailed the cause they died for and spent their life-time savings and property for it. And that is why Somaliland is where she is now and got what she got! If that is the correct answer the worse is yet to come!

Those who support  Siilanyo's policy or no policy which has disseminated Somaliland communities in to fragments of sub-clans , who don't trust each other any more  areeither clan sentiment instigated wing-nuts or money chasers with no moral campus or just ignorant people.Allah told us to support the righteous and reject the evil doer

"Allah said, "Help ye one another in righteousness and piety, but help ye not one another in sin and rancour. Fear Allah; for Allah is strict in punishment"
…so fear Allah and keep straight the relations between your selves (Al maaidah)
"wa tacaawano calalbiri waltaqawa walatacaawanoo calal ithmi walcudwaani wa taqullaha inalaaha shadeedul ciqaab"

Peace and prayers for Somaliland for all the time, through thick and thin

Ibrahim Mead

"This is article is the opinion of the author

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