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Completing And Incomplete Sentence

Completing And Incomplete Sentence

Completing an incomplete sentence in one item of the “Sacad Musa” Resolution

As a general rule the clan based conventions happens when the clan or clans feel threatened by either internal or external intimidation besides their own domestic clan affairs that has to be improved from time to time.

It also happens when any given administration is seen as part of the problem and not part of the solution in both the domestic and external fronts.

It also happens when the administration is seen as corrupt and weak and can not safeguard their wellbeing

It also occurs, when the communities see their government as deceptive, and not telling them the truth etc. It happens when the communities are in doubt…!

One of the points in the resolution of the “Saad Musa” convention was:

1-“We obey, support and follow our government (……………….) as we did the others preceded them and we shall do the same for the future governments.” I think it was some thing to that effect. However that is not a complete (statement) sentence!

I think the complete sentence or statement must be:

We endorse and follow our government or rulers only”Bilixsaan.” This means, we endorse them and follow them and support them when they are doing the right thing for the country and for the people, and only when the government commands what is just and righteous, not only by their management of governing but also their doings and that they are on the path of righteousness. This virtue is Quranic and prophetic advice

Would you obey and follow your (government) rulers when they are destroying your cause and country by destroying the constitution and the rule of law?

Would you obey them when they betrayed the people by abandoning the programs and promises they made to them in exchange of the people’s vote?

Would you follow them when they followed the way of corruption and clanism with out bounds whether they know or recognize that they are did that or not? The right answer is obviously, NO.

The complete sentence is, we shall obey when the government is doing the right things for the people and for the country. This means follow and respect your leadership or government when they are right and doing the right things for the people. On the other hand what about when the government is excessive in transgression and indulges corruption and doing the wrong things? Would you follow such entity or would you stop it and cause change? If you insist on ‘just follow the government mantra’ you will find your self in conflict with the teaching of Allah. And this is what Allah the owner of the earth and the heavens said in this regard of when to obey and follow your rulers and when not:

“And follow not the bidding, the command of those who are extravagant. Those who make mischief in the land and mend not, and not put right their way

Those are told to cultivate virtue and they are told not to follow the ways of those who put forward extravagancy of man’s powers and material resources or who lead lives of extravagancy and self indulgency, (profiting on the back of the poor who trusted him.)

That makes mischief. However the door of repentance is open for those who want to repent. (Al shuraa.V51, 52)

When one is elected by the people, that one is elected to safeguard, defend, and protect the people and their resources, monetary and otherwise, not to steal them, not to divide them as to manipulate them for their end, and in the end leave them in the lurch!

When the government is ‘cockroaching’ you don’t have to follow. Instead you have to help them. You have to call them for Consultation and Corrections. If help is rejected you have to stop them.

(Cockroaching- is a word used for financial firms which go from a problem to a problem to a problem and so on and so forth!)

The author chose to employ this word relectantly in Siilanyo’s administration because they exhibited with the same behavior. They put the nation in to a disgrace, to another disgrace, then another and so on and so forth, all because of their ineptness, abstinence and boundless corruption!

However peace and prayers from my side

Ibrahim Mead

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