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Mr. Rayale Resign Now – Rayaale’s Visit to Borama is a Desperate Attempt to Harvest Supporters:

Mr. Rayale Resign Now – Rayaale's Visit to Borama is a Desperate Attempt to Harvest Supporters:
Saylicipress Editorial

Rayaale's visit to Borama is a desperate attempt to harvest supporters: The first ever visit to Borama at a time when his support there is from single digits to non existent.

When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall — think of it, always; Mahatma Gandhi

The theme of the day is Mr. Rayaal how dear you come to Borama?

The people of Borama and other parts of Somaliland are saying to Mr. Rayaale how dare you  come to Borama now? They will take the opportunity to remind him the following brief sample of his multiple blunders, the absence of public services, the selling of public properties, land and the constitutional violations: 

 1. Constant attempts to derail and destroy what the self-less people of this nascent state have built.
2. Selling the historical treasure islands of Sa'adin and Ceebat. 
3. Endless political bickering and the creation of unnecessary crisis
4. Unnecessary extension and delaying of the presidential elections 
5. Appointment of numerous incompetent cronies and political hacks to vital ministerial positions
6. Lack of transparency and accountability
7. Tendency and the unquenchable lust to misappropriate the meager public funds.
8. The office is used as a place to bully people, arbitrary imprisonment of political opponents and intimidation of the public   
9. Behavior of acting as a dictator in an elected office.
10. Using the office of the residency as a personal tool
11. Creation of unviable, unplanned and unnecessary regions which are potential dispute creating structures. He has done all that in order to stay in power. Despite all that negative efforts he has lost the support of nearly 80% of Somalilanders.  His re-elections prospects are from 0-5%.   

Rayale's Attempt to sell Gadabursi Jerusalem – Saylac – is one of his lifetime crimes against Samaron Uma with impunity

Rayaale's visit on the 29th of March 1010 to the city of Borama came as shock to Somalilanders inside and outside the country. Nobody expected him to come there. Many people are asking why now? The question is very simple his support in Awdal, Selel and all other Somaliland regions has evaporated. For the last  several years Rayaale has put the country through numerous unnecessary crisis which nobody wants.

Somaliland is  a resurgent country which is the creation of its resilient people. He was given the opportunity to rule the revolutionary democracy which is the only one of its kind in the Horn of Africa, but he misused that mandate, over stepped his authority, plunged the country and the people into man made crisis, and attempted to create instability, by using all kinds of manipulations in his quest to indefinitely stay in power. He became more unpopular than ever before.

the only thing the people of Borama and all Somaliland would like to hear is if he peacefully steps down today, without further dragging the country into more problems. Me Rayaale is not welcome in Borama, after the chain of blunders and unconstitutional actions he perpetrated against the people of  Somaliland.

The peak of Rayaale's crimes have reached unprecedented heights following the selling of the historical islands of "Sa'adin and Ceebat" to outsiders, and conspiring with the megalomaniac dictator next door of the tiny tribal Dom of Djibouti. Again we are telling whoever bought those Island to better get their money from Rayaale, because the people of Awdal and Salel will not let outsiders bought their land. Let me tell whoever is buying or bought those two islands Rayaale or anybody else has no mandate to buy the historical islands of Sa'adin and Ceebat.

He let the Djibouti dictator who was in a mission  to distract attention from what he is doing to his people, who brought the coronation of so called Ugas from Ethiopia to the Gadaboursi/Somaliland Jerusalem of Zeila. I am surprised how he dears to come to Borama after the crimes treachery he committed against the people of Awdal, Selel in particular and Somaliland in general. Mr. Mr. you need to stop dragging your feet from holding the presidential election. I know you know you will lose the election by a landslide margin if is held today. Mr. Rayaale you need to resign now and save some of whatever is left of your tainted name.

If you do not heed this advice and drag your feet to hold the presidential elections, you will lose the election with landslide, and  may be put in front of a peoples' court to answer your infractions. If you do the latter the people of Borama will decide if you will be welcome to live in Borama as a private citizen or not.  

Saylicipress Editorial

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