Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dr. Gabose Condemns The Local Council Election Process By NEC and President Silaanyo’s Administration

Dr. Gabose Condemns The Local Council Election Process By NEC and President Silaanyo's Administration

Hargeisa - The Chair of Ummada, and former Home Affairs Minister, Dr. Mohamed Abdi Yusuf "Gabose" held a press conference in Hargeisa yesterday to blast the conduct of the Somaliland Electoral Commission (NEC), as well as, the conduct of the administration of President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud "Silaanyo" in the recently concluded local council election.

Speaking to the gathered media, at a packed press conference, Dr. Gabose accompanied by his deputies and other Ummada leadership stated " If the president thinks it's a victory when it's a defeat for the nation, if the presidency is getting ready for a victory celebration for Kulmiye, we are carrying the coffin of Somaliland's deceased democracy and will take it to join those who have already paid the ultimate sacrifice for the nation's independence. We will never be satisfied with conduct nor the result of the local council by the NEC or the blatant interference and fraud from the administration"

"However, when we take into consideration the current situation in the country, its nascent development, stability and security, as well as, the other daily problems facing ordinary Somalilanders such as unemployment, corruption, nepotism, inflation, youth migration and so many other social ills during the last two years. We in Ummada have decided to spare the ordinary Somalilanders further conflict and dilemma, but the truth will come out and history will continue to write itself"

Dr. Mohamed Abdi Yusuf "Gabose" continued his comments in the following manner "There is not a shadow of a doubt that although the ordinary Somalilanders went to the polls in good faith, the result have been manipulated, stolen and corrupted in such as way that no amount of excuses and recounting will validate the results. The NEC has managed to destroy its credibility and the credibility of a free and fair democratic vote, and there is no doubt, that the administration played a key role in that "

Dr. Gabose also remarked on the Somaliland Electoral Commission (NEC) failure to execute its mandate and responsibilities, and stated "We all know how much controversy that followed this commission from its conception, membership, logistical contracts and so on, but to compound the matter, this election unlike 2010, had no electoral register, so there was no census of exactly how many people were expected to vote. Then we had the logistical problems, poor voting process, multiple voting, corruption of voting computer servers, and so on, and all these issues must be laid at the feet of the NEC. Furthermore, no one had any idea how many voting ballots came into the country and no one has any idea where the ballots were kept, or if they were secured. Also, it is a normal procedure to count the ballots at the voting centre and not take them somewhere else. Who knows where they went? Well, we now know that, some were burnt and some were even buried in order to suppress the vote!"

Dr. Gabose concluded his remarks by stating the following " We in Ummada believe in social justice, free and fair democracy and we want the Somaliland people to know, from community elders to the intelligentsia, to the business community, to the women, youth and children that this voting processed has been corrupted and if not corrected will do lasting damage to Somaliland's development and progress. We would like to thank all the supporters of Ummada across the country and abroad. Their efforts have not been in vain. The true results show that. We had offered a program that appealed to Somalilanders from east to west, north to south. We encourage our supporters to maintain the peace and stability of the country, to remain united and to continue to believe in our country, Somaliland "

All in all, Dr.Gabose comments come as more and more irregularities with the conduct and expected results of the recently concluded local council election are revealed.

It is expected that any certified results from the local council election will be subject to several legal disputes and the matter may eventually be settled by the courts, rather than the Somaliland Electoral Commission (NEC).

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